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Long-term Bitcoin Chart 2017.05.11

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Veeresh Deshnur (1 month ago)
When you want to grab a way to gain btc you just need to find " *bitcoin pranaholistico* " in Google or Yahoo. It was great an hour ago.
CryptoReview (1 year ago)
Good analysis. 4000 looks within sight.
futurenate (1 year ago)
webbot says btc will drop $500 once it reaches the all time high of gold, so that should be any minit now... if accurate.
ConsideringPhlebas (1 year ago)
The webbot is BS. It's wrong time and again on silver, and what it gets right on Bitcoin could be deduced by technical analysis.
The Real Reality (1 year ago)
@tehmoonwalker 'Webbot' is the nickname for the 'system' that a wonderful gentleman, Clif High, has developed. It produces an "Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis Intelligence Report" aka ALTA Reports. It collects data, and in a nutshell 'predicts the future'. Do check it out. There are youtube channels that do summaries of the reports. Here is his website www.halfpasthuman.com/
whos webbot
Tere mius (1 year ago)
Do you know about mt.gox? Owner Mark Karpeles said that at 2400 he will be able to redeem bitcoins stolen that were something like 800k? I'm not sure and pretty tired right now. Great video as always!
Tere mius (1 year ago)
You know as well as I do that everytime Bitcoin dumped it was on news and right when it was about to go parabolilc... look at the 500$ dump core developer goes away, the 780$ dump bitfinex hack, the 1000 china regulation, 1200 etf and now 2400 mt. gox again? ... this is an extremely important pattern, Bitcoin doesn't want to dump, it just needs to. People throw money at this thing like there's no tomorrow and don't want to sell, for many many reason, but I think it's an important factor in this market psychology, supply is too low.
My Crypto Journey (1 year ago)
thanks for the video, i like ur way of looking at the chart. concise to the point. nice you got a new computer. your gonna mine now..lol
Money Charts (1 year ago)
No I will not mine. I will buy and sell those that did mine in the past :) Its much nicer browsing through some of these exchange sites faster and the video quality and possible live streams should be part of the future.
BobMcHatchet (1 year ago)
good vid. not cuz u said higher bitcoin, and I just needily have to hear that. but becuz I think what you said is tempered, accurate, and very likely. u think the alts (lets say the top 5 volume based performers or sumthing) will start to underperform here forward, if btc goes mildly parabolic? a lot of them seem so bubbly here and btc is right at that critical optimistic point. u haven't covered any alts recently, have you? thx again take it easy
BobMcHatchet (1 year ago)
Silver Charts ok ill check that out.
Money Charts (1 year ago)
i covered about 100 alts on my limit buy order series recently.

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