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Bitcoin Ethereum IOTA EOS Technical Analysis Chart 6/9/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (90)
Christopher Anthony (4 months ago)
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Supremax67 (4 months ago)
EOS dropped 24% today! Apparently something to do with the fact that they went back on their words and are now centralized, only using 1 block to do the voting.
JohnRusso007 (4 months ago)
Bears oh that's what it is? So Bears pumped the market to record highs with around 450 billion in Dec...then screamed "bubble" then proceeded to dump the market for 6 months? That was bears? They have reached their goals volumes are low as they destroyed trust in crypto. They collapsed the price. Thank the exchanges who's only concern was the collected fees.
keyboards ss (4 months ago)
charts dont work in cryptos with all do respect.
voice rito (4 months ago)
Tron Takeover (4 months ago)
I recommend you guys suffer through ...Do not let this stuff beat you. Keep your profits... whether it's BTC or USD ...off the market for these kind of days. You should always have a reserve stash. Don't buy your coins all at 1 price. Example: you have $500 dollars and you want IOTA... Put 50 bucks in after you research a safe price on the hourly/daily/weekly/monthly charts....if after you buy 50 dollars worth and it goes South on you buy at the next support level and the lower you go the more of your 500 you drop into the market. Put however much you want but keep a % of the 500 in reserve for these times guys. You can make $$ in the usdt market....as soon as bitcoin goes up your alts in usdt do too. When bitcoin dumps you dump for profit and take $$ out of market or put it in TUSD and ride TUSD (You can cash out of TUSD for btc or usd) 1 of many different ways to earn no matter how bad the market is. Don't let the 1% elites and whales drive you mad....only way to lose is to quit. I was once a noob (2016) made many mistakes but I learned from it and my portfolio is awesome. These days are actually the best times if you know what you are doing. Hit me up (I don't charge or have a premium channel) if you want help with this stuff...trust me it gets fun when you figure it out. You will never have to worry about price of bitcoin anymore and you'll make $$ no matter what the MC is. I hope that helps you guys....happy hunting my crypto brothers and sisters.
75jackrabbit (4 months ago)
some whales got scared of upcoming investigations and pulled out their millions ...
James Metee (4 months ago)
You can short cryptos (and fx markets) here, howtoshortbitcoin.today Check it out free demo accounts are available.
James Luckhurst (4 months ago)
The bulls will be waiting now when it pops it will pop Bart Simpson style... Most traders are all doing the same waiting for confirmation flat and Bart Simpson market from now on
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Trader of Futures (4 months ago)
I called the move a week in advance using only Volume Profile, without any other indicators
Коля Микитюк (4 months ago)
Thanks for video. What you can tell about the arbitration bot bibitbot com . So he is good how speak about him? Thanks
narendra bhaskar (4 months ago)
Aap kis exchange par trade karte hain? I want to know pls
robizzlor (4 months ago)
Called the Bull trap. Now it's time for the daily RSI to hit 20 and then I'm in.
Sigmundy Freud (4 months ago)
be prepare to go to 5000 $ to july or august .... BIG WALES WHO OWN CAPITALISM will destroy all your hope of wealth !
Johnny Boy (4 months ago)
DinoRexGamingHD Have fun with no money c0cksucker. HODL till you're broke ... Go back to playing video games. Investing isn't for you small brain guy
James Luckhurst (4 months ago)
Sigmundy Freud that would be nice if it went to $100 would buy some Bitcoin then share those bitcoins around
DinoRexGamingHD (4 months ago)
fuck them cock suckers
Sean Harvey (4 months ago)
Thanks for the fast update
Aider (4 months ago)
Dive! Dive! Dive!
80sruler (4 months ago)
Very disappointed
Gasper Kosmac (4 months ago)
CRYPTO is dead cat bouncing
Jax (4 months ago)
I can't help thinking that if it wan't for the traders this volatility would not be happening. If only people were in Bitcoin for the right reasons, instead of just making money. Nothing will change on planet earth until we shed FIAT, but I guess everyone's too young to care or realise this. They all just want to make FIAT and not be involved in the changing the system.
Jax (4 months ago)
I agree, but it's I feel it's a shame is all. I wonder whether we have the capacity to not just follow the money. And such a shame that money is the only real activity that we spend our lives trying to make. I mean that's all everyone is doing, just trying to make money. What a bizzarre world we have created. The crash may come, and with it the violence of change, but I feel that this would at least progress us towards something better.or at least different. Nothing stays the same. Thanks for your channel.
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
I understand your point and sentiment... but the US has literally gone to war for the dollar. Do you really believe everyone just buying and holding is going to change the system? Cynical me does not see the system changing without a massive financial collapse complete with riots in the streets.
beef rat (4 months ago)
Jax thank you
Jacob Abramov (4 months ago)
Looks like that Asian whale who moved 94,000 BTC from wallet to an exchange began dumping..
80sruler (4 months ago)
Jacob Abramov he moved 8000 but owns that much
Dean Hartland (4 months ago)
This year is fucked, bears all year long probs.
In Mexico (4 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to give us the scoop.
DOM (4 months ago)
my shorts paid off....next stop 6.8k ~ 7k
David Kingsley (4 months ago)
Can we get an analysis on Spankchain?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Two two Steele (4 months ago)
I dont think this will ever go back to where it was. Small $100 dollar pops and then right back down
03chrisv (4 months ago)
I bet 80% of the drop was due to stop losses triggering. The market wouldn't be so volatile if people didn't set up stops. All it takes are a few wealthy groups to coordinate this and then watch the domino effect take place. Then they can buy back in cheaper. Playing the game is easy when you have a ton of money :/
Johnny Boy (4 months ago)
03chrisv I understand crypto is a scam and currency that no one ever uses to buy stuff. It’s not worth thousands per coin that’s for fucken sure
03chrisv (4 months ago)
Johnny Boy Your ass must hurt from all that pounding the market has given you. Grow the fuck up and be smart with your money in the future. If you understand market cycles and market psychology this crash shouldn't even worry you. GTFO if crypto is too much for you. I'll save this post and come back whenever the market recovers and changes trends on the daily chart just to point how much of an idiot you are. People like you have thin skin and are wanting to "moon" and "lambo" in a matter of months and then get angry when you don't. Pathetic.
Johnny Boy (4 months ago)
03chrisv it'll never go back up you delusional f-cking r-tard. I never said "immediately" you illiterate du-bas- ... Anyone with a brain can look at the year chart and see where its going
03chrisv (4 months ago)
Johnny Boy When did I say it was going back up immediately? Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit I see you short sighted idiot.
MrRandomg23 (4 months ago)
Thank you again Dan, just noticing that Tron chart is looking comparatively well placed as well
Carlos Salinas (4 months ago)
shitcoin is worthless im going full short
Biff Bifford (4 months ago)
It’s crystal clear nobody is buying the avalanche of good crypto news that has been coming out daily for the last few months. Everyone is waiting for the ETFs to be released, but why would anyone buy the ETFs when crypto keeps dropping? The answer is they won’t. We may have to wait till late 2019 or 2020 before things start to get rolling again.
Michael carroll (4 months ago)
I'm really trying to keep money involved in crypto but I'm getting tired of the same crap if this keeps up I'm abandoning ship and spending my time and money on other things.
Daithi Deasun (4 months ago)
Johnny Boy - you want it to fail, because you dont have any bitcoin. Clown
Johnny Boy (4 months ago)
Btw it went down another $1k. Hahaha
Johnny Boy (4 months ago)
Only idiots spend time and money on crypto
Daithi Deasun (4 months ago)
Michael carroll then off with ya
B Thomas (4 months ago)
Suggestion - put the Chart Guys logo on the other side of the screen. And huge thanks for the daily technical analysis! Really appreciate the work you do for the community.
buns164 (4 months ago)
"the bears are smelling blood right now" i like it
Doug Kim (4 months ago)
"broke bearish". crappy condition...great wordplay
Sonix711 (4 months ago)
Cheers Dan - Much appreciated !!! :) well done doin a vid while trying to think about scaling in !!! :) Its funny how sooo many dumps seem to happen when its like 3-6am UK - perfect timing for sure...mmm... !!! :) Its like 3am UK now !!! :)
frozenstrawbs (4 months ago)
way too easy for us bears. extremely clear inverse c&h setting up. 2 more supports to break before the inevitable crypto winter of 2018-19
Mark Guzman (4 months ago)
Bears dump and then they buy up a shit coin and dump move on to next. After they made some money buy back into the top five coins to try to keep us in the game and keep sucking us dry.
Marcus Wilson (4 months ago)
this is some bullshit.... crypto is supposed to be decentralized, which is why I invested in it. However, the space is EXTREMELY manipulated, which totally defeats the purpose of decentralization.
Marcus Wilson (4 months ago)
LOL! Okay, sure.
Chris Sharp (4 months ago)
Even if it is a scam in the long run, there is still potential to make big bucks. Look at last year with that 4k to 20k bitcoin. Anyone that was smart enough to sell and not rebuy ran off with some good returns.
Johnny Boy (4 months ago)
Enjoy being bankrupt. Crypto is a scam
Daithi Deasun (4 months ago)
Sally Greenberg decentralized exchanges
Sunny D (4 months ago)
you can't have true decentralization in a government regulated market. Barriers to entry like licensing for exchanges and others limit the competition to a few which creates centralization. The use of crypto on centralization is what kills crypto.
Robert - (4 months ago)
While this breakdown is very discouraging for the bulls; keep in mind that we are still in a daily and weekly equilibrium pattern. During the end of our last pullback we tested the bottom of our support on the daily 4 times before we actually gained momentum into a bull run to sub $10,000. I'm personally thankful for prices staying this low. Leaves me plenty more time to accumulate my position. Hopefully we can get some better action in MJ this coming week. We have been spoiled in that sector over the last few months. As always, thanks for the video! :)
Alexander Kennedy (4 months ago)
If I stop trying to play oversold bounces my win percentage will climb significantly. I tried that weak bounce attempt on btc around 7375 and just said screw it and took my small loss. Everyone has a style and I consistently get killed on oversold bounces, but do quite well on fake outs and Bollinger bands support and resistance. I don't understand how to manage risk on bounce attempts.
Ubud High (4 months ago)
Thanks, Dan. Realistic. Appreciate your dedication in this space. Greetings from Bali.
coddudeful (4 months ago)
Tnx for the update. You sound a little sick?
Tracey B (4 months ago)
Thanks for being there Dan. You look tired though...take care 😊
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Just woke up
skeeter042 (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Crypto Mization (4 months ago)
Johnny Boy (4 months ago)
Enjoy being bankrupt soon crypto loser
Blah Blah (4 months ago)
Very timely. Thanks, man.
Sharky Smit (4 months ago)
Thanks for the info and you called it the storm is here.
Tolga (4 months ago)
Appreciate the fast video
Ash Jones (4 months ago)
Government probes about manipulation, have added to manipulation... Oh the irony.
Carlos Salinas (4 months ago)
the exchanges are trying to clean their obvious manipulation of the prices in crypto, when the tether fraud bomb explodes shitcoin is going to 1k
Michael Rivadavia (4 months ago)
@Arsh Jones It's how it is! The enemy of my enemy is my enemy as well! Cheers!
Sunny D (4 months ago)
coincidentally at a critical time too
CryptoRICK Honey Badger (4 months ago)
As always you are spot on I am impressed, Thank you !
supernova1976 (4 months ago)
Been waiting for long , my gut was wrong my brain was right this time :)
Johnny Boy (4 months ago)
Everyone who HODLs is a joke
Carlos Rivera (4 months ago)
Like I said a few videos ago, we are in a bear market. Correction is needed. It's too easy for bears to make money in this space it's a crime lol.
Jose Falconett (4 months ago)
I can tell you are not happy about this Dan
yeeluvspizza (4 months ago)
PlatinumState From what he has stated in the past, his only long positions were paid for with just the money from the sale of his courses. His stack is almost always all cash.
PlatinumState (4 months ago)
yeeluvspizza I see. I always thought he had skin in the game 100% of the time
yeeluvspizza (4 months ago)
PlatinumState Since Dan is 100% cash and does not have a long position, the bear break and likely oversold conditions gives Dan a good opportunity to profit on the eventual bounce.
Kristofer Carrison (4 months ago)
Glad you waited on the video! Ha.
collectorjrg (4 months ago)
Omg, so glad you’re here with today’s video!!!!!

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