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$3,500 Profit Day Trading Stocks "LIVE" | REAL TIME TRADING

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Text Comments (15)
Noe R (2 months ago)
i have a rule were i dont trade the first five minutes of the market open. Im starting to think I'm missing out of some of the best moves.
The Boiler Room (2 months ago)
You are! Missing the best moves
Vecchio aka Vesh (2 months ago)
That 2nd long fill on PVTL...TDA has some crappy execution! Great trade though!
Motto (2 months ago)
This is better than watching soccer.
Storm (2 months ago)
great trading
Alex Delano (2 months ago)
Really nice trading on PVTL!
Ben Neb (2 months ago)
nice patience on PVTL. you read that like a book...that was easy to read.
Jordan Chua (2 months ago)
I notice that you do so much better focusing on a handful of stocks rather than jumping back and forth on different ones every few seconds
naseem ahamad (2 months ago)
Hy which timeframe u r using in intraday ???
The Boiler Room (2 months ago)
1 minute
Crystal Thompson (2 months ago)
Is there a student discount for the live trading group?
The Boiler Room (1 month ago)
Till end of the weekend
Archit Patel (1 month ago)
@theboilerroom. How long is this discount for? What is the deadline?
The Boiler Room (2 months ago)
Right now we offer a discount on our yearly program. Coupon code: 49off
Mr McClain (2 months ago)

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