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5 Steps to Becoming a Full-Time Artist [Secrets 2018]

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ENGINEERED TRUTH (11 months ago)
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Angelique Roux (3 days ago)
1. Document everything 2. Give your art away to people you want to work with (with zero expectation) 3. Give thanks & show appreciation in meaningful ways 4. Host something, create your own event thing to show the culture behind your art (& document it) 5. Collaborate with other creators/artists
Tugis Art Studio (6 days ago)
Very informative video. I hope I come back here a few months from now to thanks you once again (after implementing the advice).
Real Art Studios, LLC (7 days ago)
Perhaps you might consider partnering with an animator to bring your character to life.... and a writer to create a story for your character. Then pitch the story to the studios for a possible tv series or cartoon. Or at least start a youtube channel with your characters animated stories and you might get picked up by the studios. Your character should be a flawed hero so people can relate to it. Goodluck.
Real Art Studios, LLC (7 days ago)
You could also license your character such as make a children's bath tub sponge and it would probably sell well.
Gd LOP (24 days ago)
you email to your guests not the other way around...you invite them, they dont beg to be invited
Latina Bell (27 days ago)
Anything worth having is going to require work...thank you for the advice ♥️
Pragmatic Dreamer (1 month ago)
this is a mini-documentary! love it
L.trees (1 month ago)
Great video! Thank you
manicoquita (2 months ago)
I appreciate this so much! Thank you. I've been one of those arrogant artists, unfortunately. Thanks again
Mikel Knight-Garrison (2 months ago)
This is perfect...
Jan Damen (3 months ago)
Inspirational and yeh, although social media is a great tool for putting the word out (much like these great videos) 'Oldschool' is still key! Get out and mingle with the masses of like minded people for maximum vibe voltage with your art in your arms! Power to your Passion! :)
ENGINEERED TRUTH & Ray, good job! :) :)
tiffcre (5 months ago)
This was EPIC!
Lil Leslie (6 months ago)
I have a friend who's coming out with her first album and shes looking to hire an artist to help her with album covers and icons and posters and shit. artist are really important.
Evelyn Estrella (7 months ago)
Basically just put yourself out there
veebeeTV (8 months ago)
Someone Is trading on gdax 😎
RewDowns (9 months ago)
I really admire this guys hustle
Shan Williams (9 months ago)
This was such great advice! Love this channel!!!!
sQuishiepuss (9 months ago)
Shan Williams thank you so much for watching the video :)
Aamir Chhapra (9 months ago)
Why do I get turned on by hearing the word squishiepuss
sQuishiepuss (9 months ago)
Aamir Chhapra how could you not!
Jerry 0 (10 months ago)
Step 1: Be Gay
Awesome...i'm also a long time art dreamer and decided to get back into it many years later. Great tips...thnx Ray ;)
sQuishiepuss (9 months ago)
Moon Fall Illustrations keep doing it! I didn’t start drawing until I was 33 it’s never to late.
Robertson Tirado (10 months ago)
Good stuff
sQuishiepuss (9 months ago)
Robertson Tirado thanks!
chino gustaviano (11 months ago)
This fG studders way too much im unsubbing damn flip flop
Andrew Wesly (11 months ago)
Thanks for the excellent video! Would you be able to do one oriented towards comedic writing and/or careers as a writer in general?
Keenan Smith (11 months ago)
You know who would be a really good interview and I think a great networking opportunity for you and this community on this channel is Pejman Ghadimi. You both could do interviews with each other.
Keenan Smith (11 months ago)
That sounds awfully like Gary Vaynerhuck
sQuishiepuss (9 months ago)
anglekan I agree... he also basis a lot of his advice on the exceptions and makes them seem like they are the standard
anglekan (9 months ago)
sQuishiepuss Depends Gary seems to hash the same work work work thing over again. Nothing wrong with that, but Gary really seems to go over board.
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
Keenan Smith I hope that’s a compliment? Haha
Manav Khasria (11 months ago)
can you interview an actuary and or a optometrist
ENGINEERED TRUTH (11 months ago)
I shall look
Joseph Wilson (11 months ago)
Hey man I love your videos! If I could add some constructive criticism ... Never noticed this until this video, but your mic quality is way better on your outro than when you interview Squishiepuss or whatever. Maybe you're using a different mic? Idk But yeah that's just some feedback that may or may not help.
Raghu Seetharaman (11 months ago)
You are literally hemorrhaging views on your videos. You shouldn't have quit engineering.
ENGINEERED TRUTH (11 months ago)
Still making more than ever from my channel
inChinaXP (11 months ago)
inChinaXP (11 months ago)
No, thank YOU! :)
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
inChinaXP thank you!
James Wu (11 months ago)
this was a great a great interview man! thank you
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
I appreciate you watching!
Rodrigo Proença (11 months ago)
Great Video, Matt!
Joseph Magnotti (11 months ago)
Thanks for the mention buddy!
Sharif Sourour (11 months ago)
These are golden tips, I can attest to listening to all kinds of major leaders in different industries and at different levels, he's definitely got the right idea!
Sharif Sourour (11 months ago)
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
Thank you so much! It’s totally not the kind of feedback people want. They want a 1,2 punch combo of how to make quick money. It really is about creating culture and impacting lives over a long period of time!
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for having me on!  I appreciate all your hard work editing this video.  Please let me know if you need anything else from me in the future!
Daisy Bugarin (11 months ago)
Amazing!! I need to take these steps.
Ariel Arriaga (11 months ago)
Super cool
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
I appreciate it!
Saffeya H (11 months ago)
15min of solid gold from Ray. I'll just pin this right here🙄
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching! :)  Im glad you got some value out of it.
Professor Art (11 months ago)
His art style reminds me of that new school tattoo design that certain clients are asking for in the parlors of L.A
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
My art style totally borrows from that.  All of my tattoos are new school style as well.   Thanks for watching!
Professor Art (11 months ago)
This should be interesting...... 😎🎨🎨✏✏
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
I hope it was  :)
COIN COLLECTING FUN (11 months ago)
Excellent information as always!!
sQuishiepuss (11 months ago)
Thank you for watching!  Hope you got some value out of it.

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