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How to change currency on Steam

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This video shows how to change the currency and country of your steam account. This is needed if you have moved to a different country or if you plan on using a different currency for your purchases. Please note that changing to a country which you don't have a bank account will render you unable of making any purchases. #steam #steamchangecountry #steamchangecurrency **************************************************************** * Octopus Technology Website: http://theoctopustechnology.com * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/octopustechnologyyoutube * Twitter: https://twitter.com/OktopusTech * Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+AndreasChristodoulou1989/posts * Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/andrikkos89 * LinkedIn: https://cy.linkedin.com/in/andreas-christodoulou-09b7b167 ******* Andreas Christodoulou is the creator and editor of Octopus Technology YouTube channel and theoctopustechnology.com website. Andreas is passionate about technology and computers and uses his knowledge to help people solve tech problems. Andreas also loves making product reviews, discussing tech news and playing video games. Please connect with Andreas on social media above. ****** Voice Over Under Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (452)
Octopus Technology (7 months ago)
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NEMESIS PRIDE (5 days ago)
Working 😘😘
some random dude (15 days ago)
i live in algeria and it wont change to dzd and stuck with usd any help?
ninorey mangubat (1 month ago)
im from philippines and my country set in my steam is already philippines and if i change my status can't because its already changed and still usd how can i chang it into peso?
Craftay (1 month ago)
Mine is correct for the steam store but when i go into the community market is is in $ ?
crsor (1 month ago)
If I do that. After how much time can I bring it back to my old currency?
JoshuaBuildster (2 months ago)
I fucking hate steam and it's lazyness not to fix bugs, it's been on steam from the very humble beginnings for years same glitch they know 100% about it. I'm Australian I'm in Australia steam says I'm in Australia. It's USD
MR. Darknight (2 months ago)
I live in sweden but my steam currency is euro, I want it to be sek which is Swedish currency, but steam doesnt update or change that wtf.
Zeckle (2 months ago)
I am in Malaysia and I plan on using a Hong Kong steam gift card coz I bought one there... I have some MYR left on my account and if I put in Hong Kong dollars will it convert into MYR? (Hong Kong’s currency is HKD “Hong Kong Dollars”)
Tommi909 Playz (3 months ago)
do you know how to do it for fortnite
Tricus (3 months ago)
3. BILLING, PAYMENT AND OTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS A. Payment Authorization ... You agree that you will not use IP proxying or other methods to disguise the place of your residence, whether to circumvent geographical restrictions on game content, to purchase at pricing not applicable to your geography, or for any other purpose. If you do this, *Valve may terminate your access to your Account.*
Ivan Gaborović (3 months ago)
Actual instructions start at 1:14
James Paluch (3 months ago)
gay i live in fkng sweden
Ankith Kandala (3 months ago)
I need help, I changed my steam currency to Brazil from India 15 days ago. Now I want to change it to Argentina. Will I get banned if I buy from Argentina and play in India? I haven't bought anything from Brazil though.
Ankith Kandala (2 months ago)
Anodam You only have to use VPN for changing currency. Once it's changed, you don't need VPN to buy games.
Ankith Kandala (3 months ago)
Morphine Beats I didn't change to Argentina again, but I am still in Brazil and bought few games. No ban till now. Like they said, it doesn't matter if you do once.
Morphine Beats (3 months ago)
did u banned?
Gamers Bone (3 months ago)
)I'm a big fan you can you keep up these great videos man 👍👍
DangerDuck (4 months ago)
OKAY HEAR SOMETHING $ is worth less then a euro guess wot 59$ for the same game that costs in another country 59 euros
AngeloNix (5 months ago)
Hello! i have a problem, I'm from philippines but in steam community market the prices are shown as USD not our own money. Please help :D!
RandZom GameR (1 month ago)
In other words their is no PH currency just like me
RandZom GameR (1 month ago)
Steam only supports like 8 countries so the currency your having is the closest country you have Ps: I'm from PH too
HawQ (5 months ago)
i want to change to the united states but i cant because in my country and it is adding a lot of money to the normal price and thats annoying (i have to pay 250 instead of 200)
HawQ (5 months ago)
because of my country*
Gaming W/ Nicko (5 months ago)
I live in Australia but it stays as USD
mr nice man (6 months ago)
Dose this work with aud
KND_DIM (6 months ago)
thanks man
VanillaProduction (7 months ago)
Wtf i live in Czech it"s in Europe and I have USD.. stupid
Octopus Technology (7 months ago)
Termík yes it is my friend
Ricky Kelly (7 months ago)
Unknowingly I came across a site called Codenimi, where I received genuine coupons. If you also want 100% accurate coupons then type in google as "Codenimi free". You'll get handful of coupons there.
pick a BRICK (7 months ago)
well i am from croatia and it detected croatia but i still have fuckjng $
PerkDesigns (7 months ago)
Requis (7 months ago)
Changed to Australia and its still in USD, please help
Ola Ebay (7 months ago)
And mine is all the time in Polish Złoty when I live in the UK, I have English win7, English steam, English IP and somehow it remembers where I created the account o.O
ReHowskyy (8 months ago)
Will I get banned by changing the currency on steam?
Fool Gamer (8 months ago)
does it still work?
TasTy GaminG (8 months ago)
+rep good vid
Angu the duck (8 months ago)
I live in denmark, and mine only shows euro, even tho the danish currency is dkk. I've seen my friends have their steam in dkk currency, but i cant change it from euro, even though i chose denmark.
RandZom GameR (1 month ago)
Steam only supports currencies in few countries So sad
2 Lions (9 months ago)
I am from croatia, and country is croatia but curency is euro
brendan smith (9 months ago)
ZEPU (9 months ago)
not working 4 me im getting Steam has detected your current location as:..........
EpicPwu™ (9 months ago)
This Steam version of mine isn't the same as yours.
Kalispera kai mia erotisoula... boro na allaxo currency gia na einai pio cheap ta games, dlc,, etc?
Tú Đào (10 months ago)
The freaking gaben added Vietnamese Dong to steam, I am from Vietnam and wanted to have USD currency, what do I do?
Boro WK (10 months ago)
Thanks a lot!
NOOB_PLAY_GAMES (10 months ago)
im from serbia and is on corea money
Octopus Technology (10 months ago)
If you want to buy CHEAP STEAM games LEGALLY use my affiliate link to KINGUIN! It is legal and you don't have to use this method to get cheap games! KINGUIN AFFILIATE LINK: https://www.kinguin.net/?r=29337
despacito2 (10 months ago)
it doesnt work for australia :(
Ghator_0130 (10 months ago)
Yeetis (10 months ago)
This didnt even work
bara (10 months ago)
but what if i want dollars and i dont live in the us?
Swedish Otaku (10 months ago)
Well that didn't help me living in Sweden and seeing the prices in Euro... we don't use Euro here!
TheSharpmarksman (11 months ago)
Fucking valve forcing me to go through this Bullshit just because they are not satisfied with dollars i'm telling you, if GOG gets any bigger they're gonna get my money instead of those fuckers
Wiman (11 months ago)
Thanks man :)
Doomsday (11 months ago)
I live in israel and my currency was alwase USD but now steam expended the currencies and we have NIS how do i change it back to USD without traveling to the US and still be able to pay with my local creditcard company
G5briel (11 months ago)
ty dude i was in india for semester and i used my laptop to store my photos. when i got home to download a game via steam i had "5 kb / second" download speed. but now it works! ty..
Jakub Zdzienicki (11 months ago)
Be careful with using VPN, it might result in your account getting permabanned.
LakituLP (11 months ago)
How can i do it without giving away my Adress, Town etc etc.? Due to a mistake my country was changed and I want my own country back, but I am not willing to do the part with the payment method. I´m using Paysafe anyway, so the payment method is worthless for me
majestic bob (11 months ago)
I want my steam to be set to usd but i dont live in the us. Can i change that??
Amourito Amourito (11 months ago)
You wanna change it because now the currency depends on the country you live in right? If it is the case, I am also too looking for that
Ryder Wilson (11 months ago)
this is so fucking stupid now Steam added NIS currency to steam so instead of paying in Dollars I pay in Israeli shekels, I pay $8 more on games that are $60 so now i need to pay more!?!? fuck that, I prefer paying in US currency bro..
Nawy (10 months ago)
זה זין כי קניתי משחק וזה החזיר לי הכל לILS
MrBenjaminIL (10 months ago)
תכלס הם כבר שמו מכירים לג'י טי איי, אבל הם העלו את המכיר לישראלים ב22%
Nawy (10 months ago)
אחי לך בקלות תשנה אני שיניתי גם הבעיה היא אם תרצה לקנות משחק אכלת אותה
MrBenjaminIL (11 months ago)
But the good thing in it, I think is that now steam wallet codes will be purchasable in Israel as well תכלס אולי היתרות בזה, זה שסטים יתחילו לשווק גם בישראל קודים של כסף
MrBenjaminIL (11 months ago)
Same חרא של דבר, זה גם חוסם משחקים מסויימים כמו ג'י-טי-איי-ווי ועוד כמה It is really stupid because it blocks some games like GTA V
Maher (11 months ago)
Will I get banned by changing the currency on steam?
WarpDriveWire (3 months ago)
Are you fucking retarded? NO!
Mutimir (11 months ago)
Lee Tae Min (11 months ago)
May i get your beach photos on your wallpaper? Thank you!
Octopus Technology (11 months ago)
I think it was a theme for windows 7. You can find it on the windows theme store
Straatleeuwen (11 months ago)
Just so everyone knows: Indonesian and Russian currency is currently cheapest games on steam!
Don't Subscribe to me (1 year ago)
If I buy a Australian gift card from eb games but change where I live will it change how much I get? I want to pay 20$ to receive 20$, not pay 20$ to get 15$
Yummy Jeffrey (6 months ago)
same here, i bought a 50$ steam card and only got 37$.
EuropaBall (9 months ago)
When you buy a Steam card in Australia its in Australian Dollars. So you pay $20 Australians dollars which is ~$15 in American Dollars
SKEETIT GANG (1 year ago)
WORKS 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%
Satanen Perkele (1 year ago)
We don't have Euros in Sweden but steam decided that I should pay with expensive €uros. It makes me not wan't to buy anything. FUCK you Steam
Mat S (1 year ago)
I will change to roubles so I can pay less for games XD
Killer Dude (2 months ago)
Hyberstrike Fuck off, asshole
Greg Greg (3 months ago)
Alinek what does terms and services says?
Alinek (5 months ago)
Another person that didn't read the terms & service.
Hyberstrike (11 months ago)
Heard you will get banned for it, did you?
Straatleeuwen (11 months ago)
ElemenT (1 year ago)
when you broke so you wanna buy games 10 times cheaper
Atlas (1 year ago)
Divine Solar (1 year ago)
Even though my currency is changed. Sadly I cannot add steam funds unless it was USD to coordinate with a USD visa card
Lordie (1 year ago)
Im Having A Problem, When I try and do this.The country Im trying to swap to Appears in the List. But It Still Says I have to Be in that country to Change To The Currency. did They Maybe Patch This?
Zarow (1 year ago)
But i live in denmark, tho it is on denmark already but i pay in EUR... why can't i change it to DKK? WATAFAAAAAAk
A K (5 months ago)
hej hur mur du?
Satanen Perkele (1 year ago)
We don't have Euros in Sweden either, but steam decided that we should pay with expensive €uros. Yes, I can buy from them. But it makes me not interested to buy anything.
Daniel F. Vesterdal (1 year ago)
I live in Denmark, and set my location to Denmark, but it doesn't show DKK (our currency) it shows euros instead D:
Ola Ebay (7 months ago)
And I want to pay in pound sterling and it shows me Polish Złoty hahahhaahahaha.
MrMathiasdv (10 months ago)
Steam doesnt have DKK. It only has like 8 different currencies. So it automatically selects euro because its the closest :( It really sucks, because I'd rather use dollars.
Kamil Ouředníček (1 year ago)
Hey, My currency has changed just to EURO not to czech crowns.. I didnt help to myself I have to carry on with counting.. :D
MΣ𐍂UEM (1 year ago)
eyy dude I wanna do that IN the Russian RUB cuz its not sou Expensiv then $ our euro di it works ?
Paşa Joe (1 year ago)
Thanks love from Azerbaijan
Matas (1 year ago)
hey i want to change my country to russia, but it keeps saying that my country is lithuania and i cant change any help?
markcer2 (1 year ago)
i won a steam account and it has russian rubles as currency XD thank you :)
Itz Nachev (1 year ago)
Thanks :)
Vatsal Awasthi (1 year ago)
Bro I am from India and just tried your method but it's still showing my currency as USD. well is it bcoz I am trying to this from my smartphone. please let me know.
you know it s nice when this stupid ass music louder than your voice
Jane GaMinG (1 year ago)
my country mongolia
Ethan Smith (1 year ago)
Oh so this is how website like g2a sell steam keys for cheap.
NiksteR (1 year ago)
thx bro <3
Crusage (1 year ago)
is there a limit to how many times you can change this setting?
Uzair Suffian (1 year ago)
I'm in Malaysia but I have an steam codes that for USD but will steam receive that codes and change it to Malaysia Ringgit??
Kirigaya Kazuto (1 year ago)
vpn site ??
s3odXX1 (1 year ago)
if had money and change it will the money be gone ?
Octopus Technology (1 year ago)
s3odXX1 I have no idea probably not
BicornFTW (1 year ago)
If i use HKD (hong kong dollar) to purchase something, two weeks later i can switch back to PHP (philippine pesos) and not lose anything ?
Night4Wish (1 year ago)
im in cyprus tooo ! D:DDD
企伦GAM3STERS (1 year ago)
my account already set in Malaysia,my STEAM wallet is in RM(Ringgit Malaysia) but my steam store payment is using USD how do I change that
foxu (1 year ago)
My region doesn't updates. It says "Your last Steam Client login country was: Romania" but then it says "Steam has detected your current location as: Russian Federation" I obviously logged in into the client with the VPN activated but it doesn't update. PS: I NEED RUSIA
The Maestro (1 year ago)
its says Your last Steam Client login country was: Croatia and beacuse that I cant do that!
Dandy Alvareza (1 year ago)
hey its worked !! with a new steam account tho
foxu (1 year ago)
It somehow worked after 2 days
Dandy Alvareza (1 year ago)
same here help
foxu (1 year ago)
I logged in into client but it just won't update. If I google my IP it says i'm from Russia but for some reason it just won't update.
Octopus Technology (1 year ago)
You just have to login to your steam software not the web to stop showing that. Problem solved. Please Subscribe! :)
Patrisha Bautista (1 year ago)
I do this it true and easy to do
Respecting Women (1 year ago)
ty dude
:3 sfs (1 year ago)
if i spend $20 u get $15 wtf i hate this
Destrolliex (1 year ago)
hey man il ive in turkey i live acroos from you in that picture ;)
MioChan_ (1 year ago)
what happen if your store currency is in USD but i bought a game using AUD.. am i able to make a purchase?
DeRezzed (1 year ago)
I cant change the currency to Convertible Marks only Euro.
Renaldi Muh. Akbar (1 year ago)
thank's octopus for this information :)
Aaron Lundqvist (1 year ago)
I live in Sweden but I can not change to SEK, it remains EUR...
FarukTTA (1 month ago)
EUR freaking sucks
James Paluch (3 months ago)
samma här för fan
Omarthekiller 45 (4 months ago)
Ryy (1 year ago)
Wait so if I use 50 USD , am I able to change it to SGD ? And how much will I get ?
Octopus Technology (1 year ago)
Ryshan Hannafi google it my friend
Ryy (1 year ago)
Octopus Technology means how much will I get in SGD ?
Octopus Technology (1 year ago)
Ryshan Hannafi Guys this is simple if the currency changes you it will get converted using the rate of that currency.
kastal (1 year ago)
Wait my country is australian but I'm still getting USD?
JoshuaBuildster (2 months ago)
kastal that's y I fucking hate steam $1 USD is 0.70 on a good day and 0.36 on a bad day in Australia dollars
mickeybro2 (1 year ago)
now with a GST on top, from 1st of july. YAY!
kastal (1 year ago)
A glitch or is steam too lazy to add AUS
Octopus Technology (1 year ago)
It's Kastal This is a known glitch with steam and unfortunately there is nothing you can do..
asdfas dsafsd (1 year ago)
Daniel Kornør (1 year ago)
I live in norway, and I have to overpay for keys in client(because of bad rates thhat steam are giving). Would it be illegal to change it to USD?
AceDesu (1 year ago)
i'm in australia however the currency remains USD...
Ashleigh Fletcher (1 year ago)
It's so annoying!
Warioman (1 year ago)
Der Preußisch Fuchs what do you mean? I actually live in Australia so why would I need to use a vpn? What would I even set it to? I just want it to be accurate to my country.
PMKL (1 year ago)
Z T (1 year ago)
Der Preußisch Fuchs Es macht kein unterschiedet mein Fuchs. Steam apparently doesn't work in our colonial monopoly money.
Valdus (1 year ago)
i bought a smurf for cs and my currency was indian...
Eat My Shorts (1 year ago)
i am your thousandth subscriber!
Eat My Shorts (1 year ago)
are you making a video on this?
Eat My Shorts (1 year ago)
no problem, i was just looking for some videos on this topic and found this really helpful. Thats why i subscribed to your channel.
Octopus Technology (1 year ago)
Awesome!!!! I finally hit the 1000 subscriber mark!!!!!! Thank you so much!
ET GAMING (1 year ago)
The video is failing to load and saying if the video does not start shortly try restarting the device... I restarted and it did no fix :( Please help me
Octopus Technology (1 year ago)
Hi there is no problem with the video try again on a different device!

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