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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 4/9/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (68)
John Holmes (6 months ago)
Tony Hemp (6 months ago)
Do you trade alts or invest in them? Check out Ontology.
Minh Lê (6 months ago)
http://nolimitfaucet.top 100 Litetoshi every 0 Min
Krishoo (6 months ago)
hello, sorry I am new to this channel and learning a lot but what is USMG standing for? Thank you!
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
USMJ - US Marijuana stocks. Welcome.
whoaitstiger (6 months ago)
Got my pile of cash ready for the big 2018 move!
Philson (6 months ago)
Gravel Pit (6 months ago)
Modest Mouse is the bomb, all their albums are gold. love Queens of the Stoneage and TOOL as well
Aider (6 months ago)
E. Joseph Louis (6 months ago)
I just had a 200% opportunity on Hexx, (HXX), over on Cryptopia.. It has a fork comming up in a few months with plenty of time left to run before hand, & its still under the radar.. Shit, U mite as well send a little BTC or LTC over there, (they have both pairings), while we're waiting for BTC to finally turn around. Thats what I did.. Its trading @ $6 now. At the rate its movin, I see it hitting $20
Greg Morin (6 months ago)
who is yanni?
FreddyO (6 months ago)
I asked the same thang
mrsticker2 (6 months ago)
So let me get this straight, you like funk music, Modest Mouse and YANNI !!!!!????? (I didn't see that one coming). I love that you're musical tastes are all over the place. (thanks for the daily video).
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
Beatles, Supertramp, The Who, Even went through a Pretty Lights, Bassnectar phase. Ratatat ... I am all over the place.
Tierra Nietos (6 months ago)
dobedodobendodada, do .. that bull looks cowish to me .. btw - have i told you about the .. let's see if links work here: https://joindiaspora.com/tags/bitcoinpickup you sir of course got a free ride .. :)
Tierra Nietos (6 months ago)
TheChartGuys , good boy .. that's the difference between a cowboy and a bull break .. maybe the thumbnailer fits better editing daily dairy .. :)
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
It looks cowish to me too, the thumbnail maker has been fired.
roadstar499 (6 months ago)
whats a bear break mean exactly? thax
roadstar499 (6 months ago)
okay,just never heard it said like that.. seems like these bears never seem to give the bulls a break lately.. thanks
eV Sky (6 months ago)
It's when the price goes down and 'breaks' through a support level.
Phil Stein (6 months ago)
the price drops
Uncle Rico (6 months ago)
Yanni ? .. time to revisit my 90s tape collection.. appreciate this tip (as well as your daily chart reading tutorials). Your videos form my daily Crypto horoscopes :-D
Bill E. O'Nair (6 months ago)
Yanni? That's very funny, Dan!
Beau Sterling (6 months ago)
is margin trading the same as trading bearish?
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
You are trading with margin if trading bearish, but you can also trade margin bullish in the stock world, not as common in crypto but some exchanges you can as well. It is just borrowing capital from the exchange/broker.
Phil Stein (6 months ago)
audiovideotweaker (6 months ago)
the "Soros Candle" :)))
Jason Kellogg (6 months ago)
Just started watching you a couple weeks ago. In that short time your probably the best doing it imo. But where or how are you able to keep your crypto trading money in usd/cash form? I don’t know of any place that allows you to ‘cash’ in and out. Thanks
eV Sky (6 months ago)
Randy (6 months ago)
Dan..Thanks for all your hard work
Steph Fran (6 months ago)
"Do good things", a hug is always "good". Thanks for the information, maybe someday I'll return the favor, but with garden advice. : ) Maybe I'm losing it, but the last week I've been watching a lot of suspicious activity on GDAX, it's like someone is suppressing the price increase. Every time there's a buy wall, and it's about to break through to the upside, sell orders come in nearly every time. It appears fishy and questionable.
Diastrus (6 months ago)
Just watched some of the updated material on the crypto course, Advanced H/L Recognition was A++. I've been trying to piece all that together myself from your daily vids, but that 13 min module explained it super clearly. Thanks so much for updating the course!
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
Phew thank you for this, I struggled to get out of my head and into communicated education on that one.
Sherif Amer (6 months ago)
Thanks Dan!!
djdos83 (6 months ago)
Yanni the composer?...
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
Yes indeed.
Displayname (6 months ago)
Hi Dan, Do you short crypto, and if so, which exchange do you use?
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
I do not as I am on GDAX
Sashi Prakash (6 months ago)
Bears are loving to sell low lately... SMH...
Energy Core (6 months ago)
Sashi Prakash at this point the bears have the upper hand and selling low has still been conducive to some gains. This can only change when the daily chart is back to higher lows.
Ryan scott (6 months ago)
You have some pretty good TA but the suggestion towards marijuana stocks is pretty off target. Marijuana stocks are going to run into a problem when it comes to being overly supplied. Regardless of legalization, the market is going to be far too saturated with excess inventory. I mean obviously nothing is 100%, but this is what I'm leaning towards, what do you think?
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
I am talking about US MJ which is not even a legit sector at the moment, and I am talking about years down the road. I have been trading MJ hype for 8 years and am very very comfortable navigating the space as a trader.
Energy Core (6 months ago)
Ryan Sperin the thing i like about technical analysis is that you can see how something turned out in numbers, and act on that. You don't have to worry about predicting a market, if it doesn't run you don't mind, you look for your entries elsewhere
Ryan scott (6 months ago)
But hey, who knows. Hopefully money is made. Just be cautious.
Ryan scott (6 months ago)
Energy Core the market reflected that parabolic move months ago already. It’s already factored in.
Energy Core (6 months ago)
Ryan Sperin so in terms of technical analysis this means there will be a huge run followed by a dump? Which is exactly the kind of movement that Dan and other day traders like :B
PoweredByChoro (6 months ago)
Yanni?? We gotta hear more Dan....
iClean Pro (6 months ago)
Who is Yani?
Energy Core (6 months ago)
This week marks the first time I spend 3+ consecutive days looking at other markets, I feel like that's a benchmark. I wanted to ask you Dan, you have a video on how to draw trend lines, however why do you not use them in your TA? Do they not fit your style or do you feel like they're not as useful since you can draw them in a bunch of different ways.
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
I see the tend lines without needing to draw them, and they are very subjective so I use them more as a guideline but I dont base trades off them.
Shinobi-1 (6 months ago)
I think I remember him saying he doesn't like them.
444zane3 (6 months ago)
just get to 5k so we can all buy back in and start a nice rally already
444zane3 (6 months ago)
yo keep thinking like that so people like me can continue to take your money, thanks in advance
Phyiuck_Yiu (6 months ago)
lol, okay bud. Trash.
Energy Core (6 months ago)
444zane3 i agree with your sentiment, I want to see panic and an insane dump because that will be an incredibly easy entry. The other scenario that could happen is a daily equilibrium that lasts 2 weeks or more, then a bull break. Those are the two setups I'm looking to enter as a bull on a swing trade.
Ash Jones (6 months ago)
Your energy is amazing!
Nicholas Clark (6 months ago)
Taco Monday!!
Axe and Timber (6 months ago)
Hi Dan. My trading platform does not have stop losses. Would you recommend going back into cash over the night while I'm asleep? That last drop last night caught me and wiped out all my gains over the last 3 days.
Energy Core (6 months ago)
Yeah, you're right, stop losses are MUUUUUCH more important when you're trading against the trend (we're bearish since late January and it's gonna take some time to reverse that. I feel you though about making every wrong move. I lost 8-10% in a couple days because I would make a poor entry and get stopped out again and again, only to have the coin I was looking into run while I was asleep and in cash. The best advice I can give you as a fellow newbie is be very picky with your entries. Only do it if there's a very long winded pattern where you can play the break with a very good risk / reward ratio. What you'll experience is what I'm experiencing now - I'm trading less and losing less (not back to break even just yet but on the way)
Axe and Timber (6 months ago)
Thanks Energy. When we were in a bull market, or even the period after the initial decline I was willing to ride out the drops and stay in BTC overnight. In fact I felt more apprehension staying in dollars overnight than in BTC. Now it seems like any time I make a move into BTC im making the wrong move. I will look into Binance. Thanks
Energy Core (6 months ago)
Stephen Dombowsky i used to trade on an exchange without stop losses and there's 2 tips i can give you: 1) as you already suspect, not having a stop loss means that you CANNOT hold overnight. I wouldn't even step 2 hours off the computer without going back to all cash. You risk losing 10% or more on Impulse moves that happen in the space. 2) consider joining Binance if you don't mind the risk of Tether. It's an exchange that doesn't need you to verify with ID and proof of residence as long as you don't withdraw big amounts (2BTC per day is their limit I believe) and the high number of users creates some nice liquidity on it. Then if you want to cash in on gains you can use your local exchange. That's how I got it set up right now.
Sani Madani (6 months ago)
Your a legend, most trusted TA out there.
Jeff Scarrott (6 months ago)
You’re, and yea, here everyday. I like Dan’s energy. He is self aware and therefore trust worthy, imho. You can clearly see his motivation for doing this is because it’s one of his passions, he loves this and so do we so it makes it more fun. And he’s along hair! Organic farming. Solid guy, period.
Tolga (6 months ago)
Totally agree
Rich Owens (6 months ago)
Great to hear there is more content to access! Cheers Dan
Smurf Herder (6 months ago)

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