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TCG LIVE Crypto 3/7/2018

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Text Comments (60)
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
OMG we did it. 234 thumbs up and no thumbs down. I hope the trolls are okay.
Energy Core (7 months ago)
TheChartGuys the trolls have very thick skin so I bet they're fine. They also have regenerative powers if the legend is to be believed - cut one another grows in its place
Paul Castellano (7 months ago)
Load the cheap before it’s to late.....
Energy Core (7 months ago)
And then sell on the next rejection, rinse and repeat! :D
The New Beginning (7 months ago)
i'm holding out for $150
Paul Castellano (7 months ago)
LiteCoin gonna be over $200 today
Mark Kramm (7 months ago)
How can you lose all of your cryptocurrency with one wrong click of a button, as you have lamented?...asks the Baby Boomer ;o)
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
A phishing scam where you click a link and someone hacks into your email gaining access to all your holdings. Have to keep the coins off line in cold wallet to be truly safe but then you cannot trade it!
Brian Azeri (7 months ago)
bitmex screw me up right before i set my stop loss level, lol what a crypto life~
Brian Hui (7 months ago)
Thanks for these videos. Since watching TCG videos my understanding of technical analysis has gone up by several folds!
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Awesome, keep it up!
Duppy King (7 months ago)
Interesting this guy's comments on MT Gox BTC selling. https://youtu.be/rzKQkOB7Vso
Michael Harris (7 months ago)
top stuff, love listening to your analysis
Analog Dragon (7 months ago)
Def gonna use more stop losses. I'm very in the red. But I think we can pull back into the run up in the next few weeks.
Analog Dragon (7 months ago)
Great vid
Muzi Xaba (7 months ago)
I mistakenly put a stop loss of 0.09 instead of 0.9 on XRP yesterday and it hit me hard. Just wanted to point out that you have to double check the amounts you're putting in on your stop losses, especially with coins that are under $1 in price.
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, I have absolutely made mistakes like this myself.
Feuer Entertainment (7 months ago)
Good point. Same goes for scaling in. I on accident scaled in an order once by putting my first order on a drop at 1.7 of a coin when I meant to put 1.07 and it ended up costing my position
Bobby B (7 months ago)
I had my Stop Loss Set!
Energy Core (7 months ago)
Congrats! I was all cash when it happened so I didn't get the pit in the stomach moment
Analog Dragon (7 months ago)
God I wish I had
Bitclub Network Central (7 months ago)
Your are exactly right! I was a victim of biance today. Woke up to my funds gone. Never touched the Api, bots or anything. They were hacked. somehow. At least they returned the funds quickly.
Energy Core (7 months ago)
Newsbtc said something about a phishing attempt grabbing the account information of some binance users, stay safe brother
Eric Hughes (7 months ago)
You nailed it being suspicious of the timing of these FUD articles! It has become crystal clear they wait for bearish sentiment before releasing FUD.
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Yes, I have certainly seen it in stocks.
S K (7 months ago)
Using stop loss on gdax to go to cash is much easier with the big 3 . But , what about on binance or trex with alts for instance ? I have to go to btc or btc to usdt(which I don't like usdt) , so its much harder when involved with other exchanges. If alts were tied to usd , using a stop loss would be easier , but so many shakeouts using a stop loss that causes losses . Ironic its called stop loss. And ,thats where your alerts come in because I don't have to sit in front of a computer 24/7 , because involving alts is much more complicated and you all added binance , which IMO is HUGE and after today Binance proved they can handle anything and I feel safer. Crypto is a 24 hour job , at least your alerts save me some sleep and adding bInance is A+++.
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Glad the alerts are helping! If you want to email in a testimonial to [email protected] we will be giving away a few random free months to people that do.
xbsoft (7 months ago)
Thanks for the update.. I like playing volleyball and I am a pretty good spiker as well :)
xbsoft (7 months ago)
I've done that twice and It's not nice... That's what happens when you overreach or over extend. It takes somewhere from 6-12 months to fully heal. There was a point where I couldn't sleep on my right side due to my shoulder hurting for months...
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Screwed up my shoulder last night! No more spikes. Blocking and scrappy hustle are my strengths.
tskitz (7 months ago)
I hope this sale lasts until my next pay check! :P Love your videos as always DAN wish you were my DAD
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Maximum age he could be would be 11. I have some phone calls to make...
MMABeijing (7 months ago)
are you 8 ? why are you working?
SKYNET (7 months ago)
I dont know why i dont get notifications when u live streaming, The Bell button is checked ://
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
It was my mistake this time
roadstar499 (7 months ago)
its over 10k now...
LL Madrid RN (7 months ago)
My Lord that was some major FUD. I lost all my Bitcoins and then this afternoon it was back. Stressful for sure!
Roti Wokeman (7 months ago)
Stellar work, good call doing a live feed. I'm learning loads from you guys.
Dalston m (7 months ago)
Very informative! thank you :)
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
Just checked my Binance account. No problem!
Energy Core (7 months ago)
The equilibrium after the dump was a really easy setup for me, entered and already in the green. Looking at the LTC chart I wish I entered there instead of btc, since it continues to be the stronger name.
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
I had those feelings 2 days ago so fixed it for yesterday!
Chris Holloway (7 months ago)
As a Canuck I cant cash out unless I send BTC to Quadriga CX. Does that make Stop losses kinda useless for me in my situation? Especially if im trading on Binnace.
Tom Dubowski (7 months ago)
No doubt aboot it - and you're welcome
Chris Holloway (7 months ago)
All these Canucks perspectives are very helpful for me. Thanks Eh
Axe and Timber (7 months ago)
Im Canadian too. I use Coinsquare, which also lacks a stoploss option. Otherwise though, it is a great platform.
Tom Dubowski (7 months ago)
Not sure. I trade on Bitfinex.
William Douglas (7 months ago)
Chris Holloway Chris I am Canadian and also trade on Quadriga. I did not think you could do stop losses On Quadriga. Can you?
Tracey B (7 months ago)
Thanks Dan you are the best! I listen to you every day and learn more and more, you are a wonderful teacher. It resonated with me with the stop loss...if you don't have a stop loss "your doing something wrong" although I haven't traded yet it's one lesson that I will remember. Have fun at volleyball. Cheers
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Awesome. Even if that is the only thing that sticks it will be worth it!
Fiona Eberle (7 months ago)
Thank you it helps to have you explain while seeing the markets in action. Much appreciated.
Scott Liu (7 months ago)
I missed the 9500 sale :-(
Kenny Ski (7 months ago)
I gotta bounce, hopefully you can upload it
Klaus Zensen (7 months ago)
Rio de Janeiro 100 degrees sending warm regards to traders in the NE USA...
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
33 degrees here in Detroit.
Conor Sullivan (7 months ago)
happy this crypto sale is lasting as long as it is; its going to be a fun year
JBruv1 (7 months ago)
You are the coolest and best guy in this niche. You deserve all the rewards you get. Much love from italy.
TheChartGuys (7 months ago)
Appreciate it my Bruva!
Ionescu Cristian (7 months ago)
missed it :(

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