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Q & A Wednesday - How I started my Art Business and Some Realities

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Questions answered in this Q and A: 1. How did you learn to draw and run your business? 2. When did you start drawing for an income? 3. How do you promote yourself? Realities that I talk about: 1. Money 2. Bullying 3. Patience Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sheldenefineart?ty=h My Website: https://www.sheldenefineart.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheldenefineart Twitter: https://twitter.com/SheldeneFineArt Subscribe to my Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_KkCbQ6ZlN0dGnT1GLdz7A "For the love of being consumed by the definition of my pencil" - Sheldene Visagie
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Text Comments (78)
Rahel (22 days ago)
Thank you so much !!! ♥️
momentinpassing (5 months ago)
I believe only two people need to like art. The person who creates it, and the person who puts it in their home. If the artist is keeping it, then only one person needs to like it.
Saadia Tenveer (7 months ago)
Thank you very much for very useful information.
Shabana Nawaz (7 months ago)
where can you find some one to print my canvases?
bluealef (1 year ago)
hi i'm an aspiring graphite artist, i'm taking it seriously starting this month and youtube videos really help. thank you for the youtube channel recommendations, i subbed to them and you (:
Melo Earth (1 year ago)
Photorealistic art has no attraction to me. I think cameras already do that job and very well.
Nerdys Art Lab (1 year ago)
Heather is one of my fav too, and yes I wish she was a bit more accessible! You are pretty great too lady!
Thank you very genuine and inspiring magnificent...
Sheldene Fine Art (1 year ago)
Thank you <3
S Thorne (1 year ago)
And, yes, Lisa, from Lachri Fine Art, is a gem. And Darrel from is amazing... five-Pencil Method is also one of my top 5 channels.
S Thorne (1 year ago)
Love your work and tips, Sheldene.
TheElfsCauldron Admin (1 year ago)
Sabrina Krabbenhoeft (1 year ago)
Good video with honest and quite focussed talk. Happy that you make your way.
nayelis_marie 2003 (1 year ago)
Omg I just found your YouTube channel and wow u give so much helpful information and U should have more subscribers and more views, u have a new subscriber and by the way I'm 13 years old,I've always been interested in everything that has to do with art and sewing,fashion,interior designing/decorating,diy's and other stuff,you inspire me to keep drawing and motivate me
guloguloguy (1 year ago)
I REALLY wish that you would have shown us a portfolio of some/most of your work! (I was happy to watch your lovely face though, no problem!).. FYI: you remind me of the Irish vocalist "Imelda May"! Can you sing like her, by chance?!... (I had to ask) THANKS!!! :)
guloguloguy (1 year ago)
....You said it, at 10:10.... One will likely find it NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to just walk forward, easily, into a future life of Sole proprietorship, and self employment, and success! You're VERY FORTUNATE to have gotten into such a position where you can afford to practice your craft full time, while learning, and building up your business. Congratulations!
XxSTMAxX (1 year ago)
youre so pretty and even more pretty work
Nalani Davis (1 year ago)
Love your accent! 😊
Artist AbiOla (1 year ago)
Dear Sheldene Fine Art Drawing Tutorials when starting your online art business how do you keep your personal information like your home address safe? Because I would like to start my own online art business, and I have to start selling from home before I can sell from an actual store.
Artist AbiOla (1 year ago)
Thank you for the reply, that was very helpful information.
Sheldene Fine Art (1 year ago)
I have a PO Box that I would use instead of my home address :)
Yas23 (1 year ago)
Thanks so much! These tips are so honest! Thank you for being so generous and sharing, Really appreciate it!!❤️
Sheldene Fine Art (1 year ago)
Thank you <3
Bron M (2 years ago)
Excellent advise, I love your videos
yourcreativestrength (2 years ago)
I appreciate your honesty about being financially sustained by your partner while you build. Of course you are not an internet marketer full of fluff. Always respect someone who tells the truth, and you're the real deal.
ChanaElisheva (2 years ago)
Great video, thank you :)
Masoma Ndume (2 years ago)
How is you art business doing now (as of april 2017)
Youssef Alfy (2 years ago)
Keep up what you are doing. You are original. I am an artist and I love your art!
Yash Munankarmy (2 years ago)
u speak so sweetly :D .. .. im also trying to sell art work but i dont know how to :/
Sheldene Fine Art (2 years ago)
Thank you Yash, I plan on creating a udemy course on how to start your art business early in 2018.
Julia Hutchinson (2 years ago)
i appreciate your real talk about trying to make it as an artist. You strike a good balance between optimistic and realistic. I'm thinking about starting an art YouTube channel, so this was helpful. thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Maria Trujillo (2 years ago)
Thank you :) very generous of you to share what worked for you!
Patricia Godbout (2 years ago)
Education will benefit anyone, art history and studying modern artists can only help you improve and be more critical of your own work..
Patricia Godbout (2 years ago)
I 'm sorry by education I met simply learning however achieved, obviously self education is often better as one knows best their areas that need to be worked on. You have done a terrific job of your self education. Cheers and keep on creating and learning, creating is basically just learning (probably the best way)
Sheldene Fine Art (2 years ago)
I agree, if it can be afforded and the time can be spent then it would be a great learning journey but my point is that it is not a requirement if you want to learn to create art.
Bob z (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about this subject. I would like to start a patreon account but it's pretty scary because I don´t have experience in social media. I love realistic drawing and painting but I work with humans, not animals. By the way you are such a talented, hardworking and beautiful girl, congrats.
The Art of Excellence (2 years ago)
:) all your three sources I use them too since a longer time. I learned a lot from them.
DimensionZombie (2 years ago)
U are fuckin cuuuuuttttttee!!!!
DimensionZombie (2 years ago)
sam A .G (2 years ago)
You are right about Heather Rooney. I love her stuff yet all I seem to find is time lapse videos that you can't really learn much from. I also wish she replied and interacted with her followers more. She doesn't really do any tutorials about her art or techniques or materials. It's a shame because we could learn so much. I like the approach you have taken.
The Art of Excellence (2 years ago)
sam A .G I find her behaviour really arrogant and I have the feeling, she is just showing off and that she does not make any tutorials, bcz she is afraid one could get good like her or better and she is not the only one special alone. Maybe she thinks, she lost her necessity that time.
Tessa's World (2 years ago)
We have the same story except Ive been drawing for 6 years but I can hardly sell fast enough. Maybe Im just not savvy on the business end. I do use social media but I have yet to make an exclusive fb page for my art
Ruud the Diamond (2 years ago)
Tessa's World REDBUBBLE
Ronald De Guzman (2 years ago)
I think I'm good, then I watch her...I think I am not that good.
jerzeyzgirl03 (2 years ago)
I love all your videos!!!
Shawna Moulton (2 years ago)
Thank you! This helped me.
onyana (2 years ago)
Awesome Q & A. Thanks for making this video :)
mishael aljuaid (2 years ago)
Thank you شكرًا
TheBossGOD 1 (2 years ago)
Oh my godd!!! Your voice is adorable!!!
Mark Thimesch (2 years ago)
I think your work is terrific! Loved the video by the way...very informative and supportive.
Heather Sweet Moon (2 years ago)
So agree about Lisa Clough, brilliant for advice etc. Thanks for your video, so helpful
Pandemonium Comics (2 years ago)
Thank you for the advices!
DB's artworks (2 years ago)
Thanks, very insightful!
Belinda Roca (2 years ago)
Shels you r so inspiring.. and down to earth... thank you..
DudeDi Va (2 years ago)
This is a GREAT video ... i love your work and you are awesome ... thank you for this video .... i love hearing all the positives .... thank you ... ps... do you have a video of all your Tools you use yet...
T Rod (3 years ago)
You're cool. Keep up the good work.
Stephany Sweeting (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing. I am late to the game when it comes to color pencil - just starting out. But I was thrilled when I found your youtube channel and I also am a a Patreon supporter. Your painting "The Perfect Spot" is one of my all time favorites. I wish you nothing but continued success and look forward to more of your step by step paintings.
Sheldene Fine Art (3 years ago)
Awe thank you so much. Welcome to the patron family and I hope to be a continued resource for your drawing progress. Have a lovely day Steph :)
Cindy Fry (3 years ago)
Great video! It was very helpful!
Chrissy Murray (3 years ago)
G'day! Thank you for sharing, I already follow the 3 YouTube channels you mentioned and totally agree. Lisa has been great and continues to be a resource for me also. I also think you're a great resource and enjoy watching your videos. Another one is "Colour in Your Life" with Graeme. Good luck with your business, hope it goes the way you plan it. Wow, you live on the West Coast, I'm on the East Coast, this is a beautiful country however our audience here is limited, that's why the internet and social media is perfect (makes us global in terms of getting your work recognised).
Mr. T (2 years ago)
Chrissy Murray up got pretty good stuff! 💜 Keep at it!
Chrissy Murray (3 years ago)
+Sheldene Fine Art Drawing Tutorials Thank you for your reply. Wagga Wagga is a lovely place. In terms of my artwork, I'm just starting out myself. Nowhere near your level. You can view some of my work on www.xrissart.com.
Sheldene Fine Art (3 years ago)
+Chrissy Murray Oh how I love finding more artists local to Aus. Thank you for your great comment. I have subscribed to 'Colour in your life" and thank you for the suggestion. I agree that our audiences here are very limited but yes, we are very lucky to have social media. I wont be a West Coast Aussie for long, we are looking to move to the country side on the East coast around Wagga Wagga area :) Do you have a facebook art page Chrissy?
A Me (3 years ago)
Artists, can monetize social media images, signup here: https://gospaces.com/s/a_aa We basically Create an automated revenue stream from your Instagram account and sell art on printable products! Please ask, just wanted to help out!
Colorful Ruth (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video. I saw your profile in the student Colored Pencil magazine and loved your style. I know that you said that you started charging for your work in 2014, but I am curious as to when you started drawing as a hobby. I appreciate your candor in your videos. Thanks so much.
Sheldene Fine Art (3 years ago)
Oh perfect, I will follow you :)
Colorful Ruth (3 years ago)
+Sheldene Fine Art Absolutely. I plan on recording my practices and putting them up on the YouTube. 
Sheldene Fine Art (3 years ago)
+OffTheWallek I would love for you to share your work as you go on Patreon. You would be amazed at how much of a difference a year makes in developing your skills <3
Colorful Ruth (3 years ago)
+Sheldene Fine Art You are welcome! I am totally going to spend the next year focusing on building my skills. I just started painting and drawing this summer. I totally agree about YouTube being a great resource for learning.
Sheldene Fine Art (3 years ago)
+OffTheWallek You have absolutely made my day today. Thank you for becoming my second Patron and for your appreciation in my work. I've been drawing since I was little but it only became a serious hobby in 2013. In 2014 I started coloured pencils for the first time :) I feel like the learning process in colour is so fresh I want to share it with as many other artists as possible.
c. borders art (3 years ago)
Great video. Lots of good information. I especially appreciate what you talked about at the end regarding just enjoying what you're doing instead of becoming so focused on the money. I'm actually working on my art while watching and when you said that, I really felt a light go off in my mind. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing!
Sheldene Fine Art (3 years ago)
Oh how wonderful to read your comment :) thank you so much and I'm very pleased that I could have a little positive effect on your day :)
Lachri Fine Art (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for the kind words!! You totally made me blush!
夜空光 (1 year ago)
Sheldene Fine Art Drawing Tutorials
T Rod (3 years ago)
+Lachri Fine Art I'll be checking you're channel later. :)
Sheldene Fine Art (3 years ago)
+Lachri Fine Art :)
Sheldene Fine Art (3 years ago)
@Lachrifineart https://www.youtube.com/user/Lachri was mentioned in this video. She's been an incredibly huge inspiration to my drawing career. Thank you Lisa <3
mj23 champion (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this video , you are so smart and talented , i would like to have a girlfriend like you hahah i like to draw but i dont have too much time to practice since you have to be relaxed to draw

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