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Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) This is a Big Swing... [03/23/2018]

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Adarsh Bs (6 months ago)
Great analysis man! Its quite scary for short term traders. I am still not sure if the wave 3 (bullish one) you mentioned will happen sooner, the bearish wave looks quite realistic at the moment. Hope i am wrong though. Probably one of the most in depth analysis i have come across this season. you earned my sub :) I would love to see an analysis on privacy coins. Especially coins like Nav Coin & DeepOnion. I am still not sure why these coins have low marketcap even with such great tech behind it. Would love to know your views.
ricdiculousxd (6 months ago)
ON POINT SAM!! lets see how this works out,great work...
3pezzi (6 months ago)
i would like also to see some in depth analysis like this one applied to some of my favorite ones like dash, xvg and deeponion since i plan to add more privacy coins to my portfolio. i think that they carry a great investment/profit opportunity since actual are priced relatively cheap compared to only weeks ago ..
al san (6 months ago)
Nice bitcoin faucet list https://undostreschocolate.wixsite.com/nicefaucelist
john connolly (6 months ago)
Brilliant TA once again you are proving to be one of the best
Martin Blaško (6 months ago)
Hi Sam, what do you think about death cross on the daily chart ? Are you still goning to buy on 8000$ ?
halbu (6 months ago)
Do you have any statists of how profitable you were when going long/ short? I wonder if the bullish bias affects the results much
horizon (6 months ago)
the A wave does touch the 50 on the BITSTAMP chart.
emmm70 (6 months ago)
I think that very soon you will realize that the bearish count is the correct one. Bitcoin will repeat what it did in 2014, i.e. there will be two death cross. After the first death cross that will occur in a few days, Bitcoin will enter in the 5 k range. And after the second death cross, Bitcoin will reach very very very low levels (this level will be determined more exactly after the second cross). -----------------
Rafael Mateo (6 months ago)
love your work can you do a video for SPY or /ES
Sam B (6 months ago)
So much more clarification than Philakone
Roland Rossèl (6 months ago)
Many thanks!!
CryptoJane (6 months ago)
It doesn't get better than this, thanks so much! :-)
Robin Wang (6 months ago)
Hey Sam, interested in buying a membership, was wondering given there is a coupon code option for the site whether you have any for regular viewers?
John McKenzie (6 months ago)
Excellent presentation
Louis Cheung (6 months ago)
You're a complete algo computer
alexandrikov (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video, it was very helpful!!
Idris PendisBey (6 months ago)
Love Raj Singh (6 months ago)
Sam my man! THX your insane ;)
th tan (6 months ago)
but what makes you think it will be a abc projection lower? can it also be it is a 12345 up when the low 8280 is done?
Dustin Goetz (6 months ago)
I doubt it will pass through all that volume/resistance.
Lance Seljestad (6 months ago)
I emailed you respond when convenient please
fawad shahzad (6 months ago)
can i see your picture plsss
Mike Phillips (6 months ago)
thanks sam, A+ stuff
RIZN (6 months ago)
Awesome! This was still easier to count than Neo! Thanks again!
Reuben Vaughan (6 months ago)
Ill be surprised if we go up this early. I see $7600 coming. But what do I know.
global terroil (6 months ago)
excellent analysis
Johann Wolf (6 months ago)
Thanks Sam, Since you posted this there was a little rally. Curious how that affects this prediction. Thanks
Thomas Albertini (6 months ago)
Awesome video like always. I'd like to ask you why not a more neutral perspective. After the magnitude of the pullback from ATH I'd be surprised if we have already a bullrun. My idea is that we may possibly set a weekly equilibrium forming a symmetrical triangle like this https://www.tradingview.com/x/0aUHGwjT/
MOA YU (6 months ago)
damn bear is scary
M K (6 months ago)
Sam thank you so much for keeping us up with info on BTC. I appreciate your analysis seems the most comprehensive and precise. It really helps with learning to trade. I wish you had a membership package for newbies as the current $200/mo is not feasible. But know that I look forward to every BTC post and wish they were daily.
Matt Quaile (6 months ago)
Wait, so you think it may touch 5200?
Faldini (6 months ago)
if btc is going that low than btc is not going to have a new ath this year.
Cryptolight (6 months ago)
Good evening Sam. Looking forward to a way to contribute to you and your efforts...
Douglas Lima (6 months ago)
Thank you very much once again for sharing your knowledge with us Mr. Sam!
mikedeek (6 months ago)
Very hard to see the prices of the targets on smaller devices any chance you can zoom in a little more on the counts . Thanks
Analog Dragon (6 months ago)
mike take a screenshot then you can zoom in
Roma Invicta (6 months ago)
bear porn <3
Logan King (6 months ago)
Ryan Marsolan (6 months ago)
https://www.dailyfx.com/bitcoin?ref=TopRates Here is a tracker by IG/Nadex on shorts vs longs in the market. It's not concise but may be representative, I like knowing if shorts are entering.
Fred Stege (6 months ago)
Great TA, thanks Sam!
Ryan Peters (6 months ago)
I had the same bullish count for XLM, also considering the greater degree ABC which now seems more likely as the latest move has retraced a lot more than Bitcoin. Thanks for the video again Sam, looking forward to seeing more non-crypto stuff too as my EURGBP analysis went well today.... although I got stopped out by 2 pips before the reversal -.-
Brendan Ives (6 months ago)
Thanks Mate brilliant to watch : ) : )
Miles (6 months ago)
Love your videos, but I get lost when you show charts with multiple fibs.
Pia De Guzman (6 months ago)
I love when my charts match the Masters.
Robert D. Moore (5 months ago)
*Thursday $380* expert0ption.com/x
Crypto J (6 months ago)
Sam Da Man 💰💹👍
ChinoLatino 397 (6 months ago)
Can you do one for ethereum please :)
ChinoLatino 397 (6 months ago)
Can you do one for ethereum please :)
M K (6 months ago)
isn't it the same pattern just lower volume? it will trail BTC

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