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Bitcoin Hours From Breakout! Tether Not 100% USD BACKED?!

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Check out the Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy here: https://bit.ly/2EMS6nY Use Coupon Code "CT2AMARCH" to get 20% off at checkout! In this video, we discuss the Bitcoin consolidation pattern on the Bitcoin chart. We do some Bitcoin technical analysis to make a Bitcoin prediction on what Bitcoin will do over the next few days. As for the Bitcoin news, we have a story involving USD Tether, and a recent terms change stating they may not hold 100% of their reserves in USD. Bitcoin count = 6 - - - If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like, and subscribe! - - - Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @cryptojebb Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/59jGjJy #Bitcoin #BitcoinToday #BitcoinNews *I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.* Spare Change? BTC 127eLjKTBKU9HTFhYowCDC4D3JBxonVk15 ETH 0x5115ACa82edf204760fE3B351c08a48d6004D89B LTC LSKXx3fQRK5LMowGznVvo6A9NtmtaQaoqP Please do not feel obligated to donate, though donations are appreciated!
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Text Comments (94)
Tyler Agressor (32 minutes ago)
Keep calm and hodl Tether. That's just a ToS update in order to deversify risks.
red fox (23 hours ago)
Let`s wait for an official statement by Tether company. This guessing looks ridiculous.
Daan Jansen (1 day ago)
Tether's actually still pegged to USD. Just ToS update, now reserves can include other currencies.
Mr Jenkins (2 days ago)
something tells me it was a smart move by tether. these guys know economics way better than all of us. I don`t worry at all.
Iam cryptomad (2 days ago)
just look at it from a different angle. by diversifying its reserves Tether has made each USDT more safe and immune to market fluctuations.
Yellow Lemon (3 days ago)
so what? i`m totally okay with that and suggest you should be that way too. actually, i feel more safe knowing that not only usd-s are there, `cause you know like $ is nowadays with our national debt... so these changes are only for the better.
your best enemy (5 days ago)
So up or down? LOL. What concerns Tether, they stated that it`s still backed, nothing changed, some details added. my guess is that they`ve done it with some Tron policy as they are partnering. Too much of noise out of nothing.
JJ Johanson (6 days ago)
Tether is still 100% backed by their reserves and is also 1-to-1 pegged to the dollar. i`m totally okay with that. Why you ppl keep bothering?
Rexha- (6 days ago)
Because they are still unprofessional and skeptic much to be objective and to guess if being backed and being backed by the only USD are indeed different things or not
William Rodgers (6 days ago)
So up or down? Gee thanks.. you dont know fucking shit bro.
Peter Pipedher (7 days ago)
What kind of pattern is at 6:45? Is that a catfish? A cockroach? It’s a TURTLEHEAD! ... that doesn’t want to break out
J T (7 days ago)
Thanks for explaining “cash equivalent” that had me stumped!
Paul.J (7 days ago)
'Could go up or down'.... damn, that was some cutting edge analysis!
Stop Hodling (6 days ago)
+J T Not every other video. In my videos I put my money where my mouth is and show all of my trades and account balance. So everyone can see if I make money or lose money.
J T (7 days ago)
Paul.J just like every other video. It’s the same analysis everyday
Ed Mccracken (7 days ago)
Dont you think the CBOE futures contracts being put on hold is a good thing for BITCOIN / we have been going down ever since they started
Jim Kozy (7 days ago)
My guess is that any coin that is loaned out will never be backed 100%. I am guessing Hex will be one them
Randy Black (7 days ago)
Randy . . . Continuously Buys and Holds Bitcoin. THE PROBLEM . . . Up to a 10% (TEN PERCENT) Fee . . . to Purchase Bitcoin. This is Worst than VISA. Guess . . . The Kingdom Really Is Not of This World . . . After All. Giggling Demon Middle Men and Women . . . Till the Bitter End. See You at The Kingdom . . . in the Next Life.
The horrifying thing about a short and long position simultaneously to catch the break out would be a long wicked spinning top liquidating both positions simultaneously known as the Darth Maul double sided extra long dildo.
+J T Agree, from language I used, I'm a Krown subscriber and its the only course I bought. His style is to learn yourself, no signals - you got to do it yourself once the tools are given and seems to work - very conservative in trading style and was holding "neutral" rather than the advice to capture both sides of the trade - if so easy, everyone will be rich. If online all the time, following indicators and charts - it is possible to play both sides - but risky as we saw today (sat 16/03/19 - interesting day on charts). If not for Krown, I would have probably FOMO'ed multiple times - INCLUDING TODAY, key point today was the low volume, weekend trap - same with around two weeks ago. Nice for quick scalps from a Friday night long, but dangerous to get too FOMO bullrunish. We are here for the long, slow grind most likely.
J T (7 days ago)
philosophical inquirer you mean like the one that happened today. That strategy is awful and if it was that simple everyone would be rich. Ask krown about that strategy. And the market doesn’t even move in a manner that you could implement this type of trade. Seems strange that a TA analysts that doesn’t trade. If he doesn’t trust his Ta wtf would anyone else. Every episode is I think it’s going to break up and I think it’s going to break down
Crypto Jebb (7 days ago)
Exegezel 1 (7 days ago)
Jebb, I watch every one of your videos & I love ur originality & it's become a bit of a trademark for u, but I REALLY want u to master 3rd-grade pronunciation (singular, plural, possessive, singular-possessive & plural-possessive nouns). So, @ running the risk of becoming the "grammar police" I will explain. "These 2 wicks" (plural) is pronounced "wix". "This wick's length," etc. (singular-possessive) also pronounced "wix." "These wicks' descriptive-properties / commonalities / shared-similarities" etc. (plural-possessive) is pronounced, "wixez," the way u normally like to say it. But, most of the time, in context, the proper word is "wix," & that will suffice, when ur saying "wixes." I know ur smarter than that, which is why I always want u to get it str8!! Call it a pet-peeve or whatever... it just eats @ me & its distracting enough to comment on. Now, back to the video...
Peter Pipedher (6 days ago)
+Exegezel 1 fuh-in A 🤣🤣🤣
Exegezel 1 (7 days ago)
+J T Oh, he be learnin' me, alright.. Jebb IS a "farmer," AND a racecar driver (or so we would like to think). Sometimes, whens I be watchin Jebb' Creepto-Show? he breakin' ALLLL da rules. Dashriight! He'll wear da PANTS off of dem "trouserses." He SHOOTS dem cattles if he wants toos...!. U know...!! I's tries to splains it to him?? But, as it turns out, Jebbs was needin no 'esplinations' afterall...! He had us all foolin' agaiiin. Eh-yuck! 😋 & ain't NO ONE'S gone' splains it better than ol' Jebbs'. & Dont let no ones tell u any different, now, ya' heer?
J T (7 days ago)
You should go hunting with Jeb and explain it while you’re hunting for deerses or mooses or sheeps . I might know a farmer who will let you guys hunt his land if you promise to not shoot his cattles. Just make sure you guys bring scissorses and plierses and bring a couple pairses of trowserses . Jeb has an academy so he will probably be teaching you about the TA he’s started learning a few months back
Exegezel 1 (7 days ago)
I figured u knew the difference, but were doing it so consistently, without hesitation, that I really began to wonder...
Exegezel 1 (7 days ago)
+Crypto Jebb I heers ya, buddeh!! Tahahaha! Thx for clearing that up. Now it wont bother me as much. U do u, Jebb!
MrCidVicious (7 days ago)
I don't use Tether, I just used USDC if needed.
MrCidVicious (1 day ago)
+Unreal Returns What are you talking about? I just said I don't use Tether, I didn't shill anything. Sensitive today? lol
Mike (7 days ago)
What's with the hyperbolic titles? Jeez!
upparinn (7 days ago)
A "run on the banks" is very similar to labor strikes in the way that they both indicate distrust in the current form of business acumen.. So there is a case to be made that those events would never happen in a healthy business environment.. Now if Tether suspects a healthy environment(for stablecoins) to be a given factor in the coming few years and combines that with the depreciation of (fiat)money in general then logically they don't benefit much with leaving all their fully backed cash to rot in a bank... If they manage to create a nifty portfolio from the backings, one where their own business protects them from some risk/downsides, then I don't think this is a bad practice at all... Do we as consumers want to force the requirement of locking up cash upon all stable/pegged coin creators, where the cash is of practically no use (economically)?
macd got me a job at mcdonalds
shiko neprotu (7 days ago)
There are a lot of investors losing trust to crypto companies and projects not only tether . lots of hidden stuff keep showing up everyday and thanks to media community is flamming . crypto will fall if prices fall . no trust and no profit that's a big NAH
J T (7 days ago)
That’s what capitulation is and it wants people to give up on the market I don’t think we are that close and I think the ride is going to get a lot bumpier
terrytees (7 days ago)
It's backed by crypto, best case scenario that crypto is BTC worst case scenario that crypto is tether. .
PrehistoricRex (7 days ago)
How many times in one video can somebody tell people to comment below? Anyone with a brain knows you are trying to game youtubes ranking algo with engagement. I am pretty sure youtubes algo knows the name of african animals have nothing to do with crypto trading, and they will see right through that ridiculous ploy.
Crypto Jebb (7 days ago)
While engagement does help ranking, it's nowhere near as important as your tags and descriptions. Check the description. I'm certainly play YT, but actually not with the game at the end of the video. I'm doing that to reward people who watch through the whole video.
Gijs Besselink (7 days ago)
Ten Four (7 days ago)
Tether sketchy af.
ajfeinman (7 days ago)
I actually think that if Tether goes down, the price of Bitcoin will go up because of the large capital flight from Tether into Bitcoin
twinkstance (7 days ago)
that disgusting liquidation hunting wick just recently today... disgusting move. Pump, dump. stabilize. disgusting!
Peter Pipedher (6 days ago)
Good luck be careful with cross bc your liquidation moves towards price. I went back to putting a hard number leverage so I know what my liquidation if I get stuck. Are you long or short. I think it will pump right before it dumps so you might be able to get out if your long , if we do end up dumping, good luck
twinkstance (6 days ago)
+Peter Pipedher 0 lol im just waiting
Peter Pipedher (7 days ago)
twinkstance how much did it wreck you for?
JMHarl02 (7 days ago)
Stankonia and Wakanda
Benjamin Louis (7 days ago)
At the end of the day, we wont be bullish till we see 12 Billion volume on the 24 hour for Bitcoin. The only way we will see that is if we go under the 200 weekly.
kenny wood (7 days ago)
bitcoin would of broke out in 24hours if jebb hadn’t of called it haha Now he’s saying up or down.. only one way this can go now ;) ——>
Crypto Doggie (7 days ago)
With all the crap that has gone on with Tether over the years you have to be stupid to hold USDT...You would be just asking to get burned.
flavio_t_BR (7 days ago)
Purity Page (7 days ago)
Win or Lose?😁
tuputamaadre (7 days ago)
I have all my assets in Tether awaiting the dump, would you recommend to pass my tether to USDC??
Austin (7 days ago)
Ireland :D
Rikko Vogel (7 days ago)
Wesim Maruwge (7 days ago)
Laura Anderson (7 days ago)
The best time to buy more.. BTC 💯☑
Marc D (7 days ago)
maybe not the "best". Nevertheless a good time compared to the end of 2017 and first 3 quarters of 2018.
Laura Anderson (7 days ago)
Good work
Coolguy Crypto (7 days ago)
Just get to the point. Real video starts at 4:35, thank me later
Tim Koerber (7 days ago)
Good job!
Jim Kozy (7 days ago)
Coolguy Crypto stand by for Crypto in a Nutshell on YouTube that will cut through all the BS of Popular YouTubers
Jim E (7 days ago)
could go up or down huh good call Jebb lol
Peter Pipedher (7 days ago)
Most people offering TA trade I can tell he doesn’t even trade
Stop Hodling (7 days ago)
+Ahmo Mehmedovic Yes I'm going to be uploading a video showing it in a couple of days. I also have a video on my channel where I made $5,000 recently. I put my money where my mouth is and I show all of my trades on my channel weather I lose money or make it!
Ahmo Mehmedovic (7 days ago)
+Stop Hodling do you really?
Stop Hodling (7 days ago)
But when it goes up or down he can say he called it lol. That's why I put my money where my mouth is. I currently have $28K at 3X short BTC and ETH
Daan (7 days ago)
Kingdom of the Netherlands
austin buckley (7 days ago)
if we look back at the previous consolidations we have had many false breakouts. If you include the spread which differs from exchange to exchange, it's very hard to make money trading bitcoin right now. A 2% move is the best you can hope for, thats timing the move perfectly too, just not worth it in my opinion. I'm personally going to see how if the 200WMA holds and trade according to that. As always, enjoy the videos, cheers.
Big T (7 days ago)
John Sagar (7 days ago)
I’m past caring if it goes up or down now, if it breaks down I’ll just buy more or keep hodling otherwise, it’s a win win situation from here you just need patience 👌🏻 cheers Jebb!
Kengine (7 days ago)
I with you on that.
BEBOP (7 days ago)
Either bullish or bearish? Omg
bob ami (7 days ago)
Tether not backed is trick from the whales to make people dump into bitcoin . Then they dump bitcoin on you . Haven't we learned already !
Dionysius Eupator (7 days ago)
Sumerian Empire
Rusty Debier (7 days ago)
VentionMGTOW (7 days ago)
Trying to predict short term swings in the market is a very iffy strategy. Long term I'm bullish though, so my bitcoins remain in the safe deposit box. I plan to continue my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of Bitcoin every payday. Bear markets don't last forever. And putting stops in place to exit the position just makes you vulnerable to stop hunters. They load up on massive leverage then slam the market high (breaking a bunch of stops) then slam the market down and harvest a bunch of stops there as well. Then they close their position while laughing and call their lambo dealer. I don't play that game.
Ed Mccracken (7 days ago)
ICON/ICX is the future
Peter Pace (6 days ago)
CryptoTekah (7 days ago)
Country of Dreams
Mike Bejaoui (7 days ago)
this is a fu** You Candle..
Dennis (7 days ago)
het worden spannende uren!
Dennis (7 days ago)
+Gijs ik was ff in de war met doopiecash
Dennis (7 days ago)
+Gijs haha ook jebb moet zich aanoassen
Gijs (7 days ago)
Is hij Nederlands?
Robert G (7 days ago)
Thanks for all the great education! Doesn't "break out" refer to a bullish break and "break down" refer to a bearish break? Just wondering. Thanks! :)
J T (7 days ago)
english2me (7 days ago)
Breaking out of a range happens up or down. Break down is clear it means down. In the context of a sentence that uses both and contrasts the two, breakout would imply upside.

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