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Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) : Grabbing on to a double bottom [04/05/ 2018]

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Text Comments (56)
S N (6 months ago)
it’s a small wxy man in between
Ash Vecchio (6 months ago)
I'd like to see us push to 8 - 9k fail and then fail 6k. Will give us a nice short!
Love Raj Singh (6 months ago)
Waiting for 3200$. Thanks sam :)
halbu (6 months ago)
Where do you want to see bitcoin to be out of the woods? 3.2k looks like a decent bottom? Or is it to early to estimate. I'm always curious if it is better to force yourself to make a count that fits or to wait it out and see later a more clear picture
Beathoven (6 months ago)
How can I get the nifty volume indicator on the right in Trading View?
Mr. Head (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video! Sorry for the noob question, why are your volume @ price charts red/green for the higher prices and then purple/blue for the middle portion? Thanks in advance
iG W (6 months ago)
at the very start when I started looking your analyses I didn't understand anything... but I found it kinda cool what you explained... I learned my way through with Elliott waves and pattern recognition, and now I understand most of it, and you're the only one who is really down to earth and makes sense.. I think you're a real pro ! Only thing... I don't see your follow up from your wxyxz correction, but you're still more of a bull in this long beartrend.. It is a possibility and everytime I see a reversal in BTC it makes me dream... but I think it will be more likely to have a visit of a lower support level at 5500 or 4000...
Jeff Th91 (6 months ago)
Next week the skies will clear...
Andres Zalaquett (6 months ago)
Great work!
George S (6 months ago)
Your obviously very polished analyst but Its like your going somewhere and then backing up and going around in circles. A bit hard to follow graphically as well . Can you please slow down and adopt a minimalist approach for noobs. Not hating but just constructive criticism to help you grow.
Seval (6 months ago)
You could buy physical Bitcoin, Ripple and ETH from Amazon. They're awesome!!!!! Bitcoin: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0799JMZ8T Ripple: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0799HRWF2 Ethereum: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0799HHTLZ
Kito (6 months ago)
no shit? physical? thanks!
Nicolas Limiñana Leon (6 months ago)
Thanks Sam! nice video as always. Lets cross fingers !
A K (6 months ago)
Thanks Sam!
Jake (6 months ago)
Hey Sam. Thanks again. You are one of my favorite people in this space to listen to and learn from. Everything you do is much appreciated.
emmm70 (6 months ago)
Right now, Bitcoin is just finishing an a-b-c-d-e triangle as a 4th wave. Then it will come the 5th wave that it will go lower than the previous 6 k low. That fact, that will break all bullish Elliot wave counts, will signal the end of a third wave of a greater degree. Then it will comes the 4th wave of a greater degree that will probably be a bull trap. And finally will come the 5th wave of greater degree that will go near one thousand. -----------------
CO Paul (6 months ago)
thanx!! looks tough for BTC
immortals44 (6 months ago)
Hey Sam! What do you mean by Algo target ? Is it related to bots ?
Bitcoin Beafy (6 months ago)
Dammit dude. Stop talking like Mr. Lumbergh from Office Space. So terrible to listen to
Heino Der Sänger (6 months ago)
5:38 If you count ABC of the 4th wave a little different which also looks more 3-wavish, then the 3rd wouldnt't be the shortest anymore because the 5th (if finished) would be shorter, see https://gyazo.com/15da8fee05eae352c548d01a92bc5ed7
Roma Invicta (6 months ago)
Roger Roger , buy order set for 3500 roger roger bear porn gimme dem bittie coins baby!
chillie willie (6 months ago)
Now, I'm looking at a double bottom reversal possible?
Jennifer Terran (6 months ago)
You're awesome. I love hearing you talk.
Randy (6 months ago)
Hola (6 months ago)
Tequila shot everytime Sam sighs. I am typing this laying on my hospital bed after a gastric lavage.
ShamayevLaw (6 months ago)
Sam, thanks for your work I love it! Please keep doing more. I have a piece of advice. I have not watched your videos for two weeks due to vacation and by watching this one I realized that without zooming in on your structures it is very hard to understand what is going on and what you are talking about. And I consider myself an intermediate player. That may be why you have 20k subscribers resistance. So, if a newbie watches your videos without those additional explanations, the chances he/she understand your videos are close to zero. Cheers. Edit: what I meant with zooming in is on the prior price action.
Dean Hartland (6 months ago)
Wall street want to buy in the $3000's
Dean Hartland (6 months ago)
bouchy85 There's no set amount. They will scale in towards the bottom, hence $3000's
bouchy85 (6 months ago)
Dean Hartland they are waiting for $2700. It’s actually been quoted
BuyCryptoPig (6 months ago)
so much indecision. dude I'll lay it simple. I'll give you the bottom price for 1BTC it will only be there for a very short time 15min and up we would go. 1BnnaxgFSCZChHHJnkyhVLQPaMpVzNvrgE
RainbowStar Electra (6 months ago)
What's the point of the shadow on the graph?
RainbowStar Electra (6 months ago)
Me too!
ChinoLatino 397 (6 months ago)
RainbowStar Electra same... I want to know that :)
Austin M (6 months ago)
Appreciated as always TD Sam.
CryptoJane (6 months ago)
Thanks for the insight, it's a tough one!
Félix Fontaine (6 months ago)
Hi Sam, thank you for your analysis. The end of wave 3 (6.4k) could actually be the end of wave 5 and we are in the correction of the first wave of a new cycle, no?
josephkjoseph (6 months ago)
Thanks Sam. It looks like 6k BTC still expensive for Wall street damn
Kito (6 months ago)
Wall street swains. they're in, but OTC, backdoor mofos!
03chrisv (6 months ago)
Seems like we're going down before we go up.
Mike Phillips (6 months ago)
thanks sam!
namorcaz (6 months ago)
Right at the last moment you changed your count to the one I have. I love it when you agree with me. :-) I am assuming we are in the B corrective wave now. Waiting for a C. Thanks for your awesome videos as usual Sam.
Lawrence zubke (6 months ago)
Sam please do an update on EOS and where this run up should end..Thank you.. becoming a quick new fan of yours and telling everyone
M K (6 months ago)
looking at the history, this will drop then go back up and drop again...
dualmass (6 months ago)
Not accurate, the trend is down, 80% probable it will continue,,,
Jeff Th91 (6 months ago)
50-50% chance... either it goes up or it goes down :D
Lance Seljestad (6 months ago)
up, down, sideways....one of those...guarantee it.
Kev Smith (6 months ago)
It's ok M K, we know you said it tongue in cheek! Peace!
M K (6 months ago)
Cryptolight (6 months ago)
Sam, Right when I needed you. Thanks a million. Things are wierd in BTC. Is it possible that we are in a E wave and preparring a Expanded Flat ABC correction? 6,900 tops and down we go.... I think! Need some help....
Paul Fraser (6 months ago)
Some light in the darkness . . .thanks . .
Tariq Ashraf (6 months ago)
AJ Pest (6 months ago)
Sam! Thanks

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