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EOS Technical Analysis (EOS/USD) : The floor of the four..? [05/15/2018]

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Techno_annie (5 months ago)
What if the 4 was already in back at $7.81 (your white 2) and it was followed up by a huge extended fifth wave which ended at the top ($23,-) Then it lines up perfectly with the .618 retracement of the entire wave from $4,- till $23,- It would imply we are going for the 5th wave on the big scale next!
Adarsh Bs (5 months ago)
I have been going through many EOS analysis videos and you have done the best work till now. Thanks man. Even though most of my questions were answered, i still have couple of them bothering me. I have seen this work out well in crypto world .ie. "Buy the rumor and sell the news".. The EOS market cap is really not justified for a testnet coin. I am expecting a huge dump with mainnet release. I know EOS has a great purpose and i maybe wrong with the dumping part. But if we look at how various coins did initially , when they din really have full product like Nano, Deep0nion , Elixir then EOS is completely going the opposite way. Nano was humble during their distribution and only did break out later. Elixir & Deep0nion are yet to have full product and they are very stable and humble now, thus we can expect great rise when full product is out. So you think EOS might be in the wrong side of the game at the moment? Best to get out before the mainnet release?
R Bizzle (5 months ago)
Thanks Sam!
Kale Sunil (5 months ago)
incredible... great insight...
Pieter Bekkers (5 months ago)
Thanks Sam!
alexandrikov (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of videos!
Prismatic (5 months ago)
Brilliant analysis
Some Guy (5 months ago)
The Best i have seen. Your program is a jewel.
Axel Black (5 months ago)
Noob here. When you say algo, what are you referring to sir?
Thermorox (5 months ago)
He is referring to algorithm's. Sam points out the footprints of the "algo's" to take note of in your own trading.
Mike Schell (5 months ago)
Algorithmic traders. Our robot overlords.
Djusa503 (5 months ago)
I’ll never understand why TA isn’t against BTC. If BTC moves so does the USD, should be measuring in satoshi value for best entry
Djusa503 (5 months ago)
Mike Schell I know, but gains come ultimately from BTC in crypto unless you are quickly converting to fiat. Stacking BTC bolsters your portfolio. I made the mistake of looking at USD early on. Satoshi value is the true way to trade crypto. Not knocking Sam, he’s the best I’ve seen
Mike Schell (5 months ago)
Sam did EOS/BTC last week. Also under 20% of trading volume of EOS is against BTC.
Elim Herr (5 months ago)
Djusa503 agree
Patricio Lustig (5 months ago)
where is the bearish case?
Patricio Lustig (5 months ago)
well, obvious, but I see no count nor projection on that. Maybe people are getting bullish bias too soon
André Carvalho (5 months ago)
the bearish is the break of the trend line... don't you think?

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