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Ignacio Ondategui for Men's Health España

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Text Comments (4)
Rodney James (3 months ago)
My God he is hot. I want to touch his muscles...
Thomas Abbott (1 year ago)
Male Model Crop, Real Good video. An good music.
roger dou7 (1 year ago)
I actually saw pictures of him for the first time yesterday & was blown away by his hotness & his fantastic body & when I saw this on youtube....... Thank you, please do more vidz Ignacio
dboyfff (3 years ago)
If we're cuter....and more pretty.....why does Ignacio get a cover...hehe I'm joking....its a great cover... Its a lot of work....I'd be don't touch me...no more powder....hold back on the makeup and that's not the right coup de blush ....I want Boccio or Doves and well Turron is always a pros pos. Isn't like touching a model a sin...according to Turron... If we have protein bars...why does a religion fast... Why doesnt Bar None get a protein bar...haha Almonds Powdered Cookies are pretty...I think they were sold at the airport at one time or another and have disappeared off the face of the earth....maybe the can be made at home...what do I know.

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