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XRP - ADA - XLM - New Listing - #Blockchain creating the 21st Century "smart cities"

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In today's video we cover several articles detailing current news around #cryptocurrency and #blockchain technology. We do end the video with news of a recent exchange listing for #XRP #ADA #XLM and others, but the primary focus is how blockchain technology stands to create "smart cities" in the 21st century. In the first article we cover we take a look at a recent hack of a Japanese exchange, managing to swipe 60$ million worth of #Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. This is yet another case highlighting the security issues surrounding #crypto. I urge any listener to protect themselves and their investments by purchasing a hardware wallet, such as the Ledger Nano S. This first article leads us right into the second, out of CNBC. In this article it covers discussions taking place in the UK government. UK lawmakers state the "Wild West" in crypto must come to an end. They seek to provide law and structure to the crypto world and bring an end to the "Wild West". They also hope their rules and regulations can make Britain the "home of legitimate crypto trading". A measure I would like to see take place in my native country of the US. Bringing regulation to the crypto world could bring a more secure environment to the space, as well as reduce the wild price swings associated with today's market. In the next article out of FORBES, we cover how blockchain technology can create "smart cities" of the future. There are many ways this technology can benefit a city.. 1) managing traffic lights and reducing pollution 2) waste management 3) resource management and overall reduction of energy consumption. 4) providing transparency of consumer products and so much more. This article points out some flaws blockchain technology has, and how these flaws can be reduced or eliminated by pairing blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence. This could streamline the advanced technology and make it even more efficient than it already is. In the last article from AMB CRYPTO, we cover the recent listing of #XRP #ADA #XLM and others on the exchange #OKCOIN. Users can now purchase these currencies on the OKcoin exchange with BTC, ETH and with USD for residents of California. While it is unfortunate the USD pairing is not available throughout the United States, it is certainly a step in the right direction. SHOUT OUT" Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Dusty BC, Decentralized tv, Chronic Crypto, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://www.wsj.com/articles/cryptocurrency-exchange-hacked-again-about-60-million-swiped-1537425682 https://www.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-s https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/19/cryptocurrency-wild-west-must-end-say-uk-lawmakers.html https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewrossow/2018/09/19/how-blockchain-technology-can-help-power-a-new-21st-century-metropolis/#4a27e6ce7d65 https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-cardano-ada-stellar-xlm-among-the-5-cryptocurrencies-listed-on-okcoin/
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Text Comments (7)
GREG L (2 months ago)
Thank u appreciate the update
CryptoCurrently (2 months ago)
GREG L you’re welcome sir
OctoMan PC's (2 months ago)
Not the blockchains fault, its the exchanges fault
CryptoCurrently (2 months ago)
OctoMan PC's agreeed
Reza Aditia (2 months ago)
Im sorry. Im from Indonesia 😊
CryptoCurrently (2 months ago)
Reza Aditia don’t be sorry! It’s exciting to see my videos reach around the world
Reza Aditia (2 months ago)
a little confused but I want to learn :). Thx i like :)
CryptoCurrently (2 months ago)
Reza Aditia I’d be happy to help answer questions

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