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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH EOS ETC Technical Analysis Chart 8/8/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (103)
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Recorded 4:45 PM Eastern
xqbj qboro (2 months ago)
Have you learned how to hypnotize a chicken yet ? Used to do it with my birds to give the kids a good laugh and to demonstrate my psychic prowess !
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
mac Dee adios!
mac Dee (2 months ago)
and please stop using coing base - bitfinex is the primary exchange for TA not coinbase as it has been for this whole time to get any trendline tp match up. . your volume data is wrong.
mac Dee (2 months ago)
please move onto bitchute as due to alex jones being banned i have now left google products and will not return
khublam (2 months ago)
Great video!
christopher wong (2 months ago)
I've been watching your videos for months now. Just wanted to say thank you. I'm still horrible at this, but much better than I was. Love the deer video.
Sean Dailey (2 months ago)
doesn't the 4 hour on bitcoin like a head and shoulders, with the right shoulder showing consolidation around 6.2-6.3k?
Sean Dailey (2 months ago)
*6.2-6.4K. Full disclosure: I'm a long-term bull, but I'm simply just evaluating the technicals
Sean Dailey (2 months ago)
june 30th thru today it appears that way
Barrett L (2 months ago)
I dont share your interest in ETH, arent like 70% of ethereum tokens still held in presale wallets? You can't even really run a full node without a specialized set up at this point, as dapps and icos are flooding the chain.. It's giving XRP a run for it's money in terms of least realistic valuation, Eth is a perma short.
Rob Archer (2 months ago)
I am bullish here for a bounce to 7.2k because we are due (RSI levels) and because suddenly EVERYONE is a bear.
2phil4u (2 months ago)
No offence, yt talk about bounce and bullish signs since 7500, we had one sideway price with Bulle not able to break, testing Low 1 to 3 times before a drop of 200 to 400. I Was short Ing since 7500.
loul42 (2 months ago)
Hi Dan, Could you comment about this tweet of Peter Brandt in your next video ? https://twitter.com/PeterLBrandt/status/1026983873144442880 ) I am a holder (and I watch your video daily don't ask me why) and it's really interesting for me to hear what would you think ?
Zenek Reverse (2 months ago)
No more drops, bitcoin will grow to 9300
Linnet Minnot (2 months ago)
Goodmorning Dan, my analysis for bitcoin for this morning 9/8/18. I am seeing the trade going to resistance and then short to support and then wait for it to go long. I am not sure it will break resistance, but the bulls are still weak.
Henry Goh (2 months ago)
Yes the big whales are dumping btc to accumulate more
Prashant Rajput (2 months ago)
Awesome video loved it sir
Ivan Castano (2 months ago)
Dan, I guess to see the shorts you need the most premium account? I mean to see BTCUSDSHC?
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
I dont think so, BTCUSDSHORTS
Mark W (2 months ago)
These guys predicted it would not be good to hold back in late July. Spot on ;) https://bitrpc.com/bitcoin-market-update-july-29-2018/
Oliver Torres (2 months ago)
Thanks Dan.
E MaC (2 months ago)
Why u have a cloth on ur back? are in iraq or syria?
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Dumbest comment of the day award
Tim Martin (2 months ago)
I'm to the point now where as soon as I see your video post, I open up trading view, grab a pencil and paper and analyze the btc chart....looking at the exponential resistances...volume...RSI...lower or higher highs...lower or higher lows...writing down my findings, then watching your videos to see how well I did. It's fantastic! Thank you for your content, Dan. By far the best info on youtube. Seriously addicted fan here :))
Frank Salman (2 months ago)
People are not reacting to the ETF delay news; they are reacting to the rumor of Bitcoin dropping below $5K
Frank Salman (2 months ago)
TheChartGuys Sorry, actually yes you're right, I agree the original reaction was ETF news, but at a point the rumor of the lows took over. If this was all about ETF news only, I don't think many would've exited their position and probably would be adding to it. Either way it's crazy, I thought most who knew about the ETF most likely knew the high possibility of the date being extended... Thank you for the Videos/Updates
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
How do you explain the huge bear volume and dump correlated minutes after the ETF delay was announced?
JayBigDadyCy (2 months ago)
True story - where I used to live we had a lot of deer. My stepdad tried to grow a few pot plants every year, but the deer would always eat them.
Jason Gibson (2 months ago)
Your up to 90k subs. I remember a fews ago you had around 10k. Males since your attracting more subs. Great content!
loul42 (2 months ago)
Yes I also was hear when he had only 1k sub. But with great content, lot of new subsribers
Philipp Zach (2 months ago)
Awesome!! Thanks Dan.
Aider (2 months ago)
Told ya 6.1- 6.2k. Buy! Buy! Buy! 😆
Cutie4Blockchain (2 months ago)
Thanks for the update Dan :)
ravinesh kumar (2 months ago)
Can you please turn up your mic volume when you do these vidoes? Continue to do good things.
Crypto Techs (2 months ago)
Awesome info, thanks again! Best crypto trading vids on YouTube!
Olivia Lovelace (2 months ago)
Great TA! Thank you.
SalientQuips (2 months ago)
Great analysis!
John Doe (2 months ago)
What does it mean “shorts to cover”
Stefano S. Goeptar (2 months ago)
John Doe it means that shortsellers have to exit their position by buying back
Mr Burns (2 months ago)
Alexander Alexander (2 months ago)
Thank you a lot !!!
Jim Kozy (2 months ago)
That was one of your better classes! Thank you!
Matt Mortenson (2 months ago)
Nice, Are those whitetails? Videos are great!
bang your head (2 months ago)
I'm comfortable shorting. My whole life has been a bearish move. I'm just not comfortable shorting on kraken, bitmex, or the futures market. It occurred to me again that there's a decreasing amount of people who have a reason to buy these things. I mean, people used to have to buy bitcoin to buy other coins. That's not really the case anymore. The only reason anybody has to buy ETH is to get into ERC20 ICO's. That has been fading because of the prevalence of scams and rise in regulatory scrutiny. But, miners must sell coins to pay the electric bill, data center, staff, etc. Companies that received ETH for their ICO must sell their coins to pay salaries, development costs, lambos, Puerto Rico moving bills, coin life tattoos, etc. Miners with a big investment in equipment must hedge short in the futures or spot market to protect their investment, but nobody really has to buy this shit. At the very least there's a systemic asymmetry in supply and demand. The bulk of the supply was either given to them for nothing(ICO's, founders), or they manufactured it. The fact it had been going up and doesn't cost anything to store makes it an anomaly for a manufactured product. Otherwise they would have been dumping every day since day 1.
bang your head (2 months ago)
Kraken has liquidity problems and server problems. There's a term people use, something like, 'I got Krakened.' This either refers to getting stopped out due to wide price swings(long wicks) or the inability to manage trades when there's a lot of trading activity due to slow or dropped connections. Crypto exchanges really are a shit show, and that's why people want to be able to trade with brokers that at least have reliable technology. Bitmex is no better although they have been constantly improving. Bitmex doesn't serve US customers either, but a lot of people trade there anyway using a VPN or proxy. I don't know how that will work out if an issue comes up. They don't have any legal protection because they aren't supposed to be trading there. I've considered it myself, but how much money do you put with a company who says you can't trade with them and is located in the Republic of Seychelles? Bitfinex is unavailable to US customers, but that's the place to go if you aren't in the US.
Christian Stahl (2 months ago)
What's wrong with shorting on kraken? Where is the best place to short?
Ryan Meunier (2 months ago)
Thanks Dan, I'm going to go out and do some good things.
Kyle V (2 months ago)
8 months into this. Lower high. Lower high. Lower high. Unlike 2014 there is no real reason today. If there is anything that is making me consider a long-term pessimistic Viewpoint it is that. Low flows of new Fiat and lots of money exiting
Kyle V (2 months ago)
Samer Abu huntash you make a good point about the cycles.
Samer Abu huntash (2 months ago)
There doesnt have to be a fundamental reason for this bear market, its purely technical. Markets move in cycles, unfortunately most people entered crypto at the peak of a bull cycle late 2017 that began back in late 2015.. What we are in is simply an inverted cycle of what we witnessed back in 2017. This year IS the catalyst that crypto needs to build enough steam to push much further past previous all time highs. Without extreme lows we cannot keep pushing forward to extreme highs.
Tracey B (2 months ago)
Thanks Dan, I love the deer at the end they are so beautiful 😊
Alexander S (2 months ago)
Tracey B agree!
Martin Flores (2 months ago)
Where do you short BTC and Alts?
highzenburg (2 months ago)
Its time for weed
Michael carroll (2 months ago)
News what news ? Did United States ban all cryptos or was Bitcoin hacked? Or did the ETF get postponed a month lol what a joke
Nick DiCianno (2 months ago)
Love your videos, keep up the good work!
Ohmega 355 (2 months ago)
Volume level over 9000!
Sub 5k after a tiny pump
Tomáš Telenský - vlog (2 months ago)
The daily volume doesn't stand out as much as you emphasize - at least on Binance, Bitfinex and even Coinbase - there were many days like that not just April.... and if you look at Binance or Bitfinex, the volume of the last 4 hour leg down is comparable to the previous legs in the August dropdown... it only stands out on Coinbase, but not @ Binance and Bitfinex...
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Good point about different exchanges but the point is the same for all of them. Highest daily volume in 2 weeks and the last time it was this high was the volume climax top.
Willy Beamin (2 months ago)
Such an over reaction.
TC (2 months ago)
Willy Beamin its far from over
andrew munz (2 months ago)
Dan, give me a pathway on how to subscribe to your program, prices, etc. Thanks! Drew
Tomáš Telenský - vlog (2 months ago)
great vid again & thanks for the recording time! Was always looking for it but f* youtube does not report it. Question: 9:14 what do you mean by shorting - just selling BTC or do some of those contracts/options/selling-what-is-not-yours kinda advanced things? (I am new to this terminology, I just normally buy and sell crypto)
Tomáš Telenský - vlog (2 months ago)
thanks! Until now I just thought that shorting means selling :)
WtfTurm0il (2 months ago)
Tomáš Telenský - vlog Shorting is a type of Margin trade where you’re betting that the market will go down. There’s quick 1-2 minute videos on how shorting works on YouTube.
andrew munz (2 months ago)
What platform do you short on???
andrew munz (2 months ago)
Kenneth Haynes....This market is pure bullshit in my honest opinion. After this next large leg up, I'm prob done with it. I'll trade different markets.
Kenneth Haynes (2 months ago)
I still believe the market is being manipulated Downward, the question is how far will it go? It never does what we think it will and it feels as though it will continue to fall, which is why I’m HODLing. Every time I follow TA, news comes out. Every time btc shorts reach these higher levels, BAM! Squeezed out bitches. These exchanges are making a killing snuffing margin traders. Only the professionals and whales are killing it because they know how and when to turn around. My belief is that this recent bloodbath is because insiders know that the ETF will be approved and are flushing it down to load up. Good luck
andrew munz (2 months ago)
Kenneth Haynes....i do know this. It's nice to have the option to play both sides. I got pretty bored with the smashing (waiting) we took since January. If you were bearing it up, lifes good!
Kenneth Haynes (2 months ago)
andrew munz Not a good idea if u don’t know what you’re doing. No offense, I’ve been at it over a year and still won’t touch it. Shorts will be crushed. Bitmex is where u can do it. But I will warn u, margin trading and shorting is dangerous especially when we’ve already moved 20% down.
Sean Mcgrath (2 months ago)
thx Dan, kinda depressing for a beginner. I stocked up on some EOS for some longterm today @5.36 great price
supernova1976 (2 months ago)
Thanks Dan , you are a good teacher .
Andy Raman (2 months ago)
Thank you for your continued videos and congratulations on the 90k sub
Greg Ben (2 months ago)
Is there a way to auto scan markets for current equilibrium patterns in various assets? Or must we search the various charts manually... just curious since you mentioned that if we had patience to play only equilibrium pattern then we would be profitable. Thanks for your work!
bang your head (2 months ago)
When I first started on thinkorswim I was thinking, 'What's all this? Where did they hide the buy button?' If you hit the help button at the top there's a link on the screen to the learning center which can tell you about using the platform and thinkscript. I wish I could point to a good resource, but I think I just muddled around and searched the learning center and google when I needed something. Like tradingview you can look at the existing scripts to see something similar to what you want to do in action.
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
We let in a few people a day but thousands are waiting.
Greg Ben (2 months ago)
bang your head oh interesting. I just started thinkorswim platform super complex coming from trading view. I wish I understood a bit more of what you were saying... any video recommendations for a noob?
Greg Ben (2 months ago)
TheChartGuys sweet, do you accept apprentices? I’ve gone through both of your courses... I’ve learned a bunch. still on waiting list for group. Any ideas when availability may open? Best Regards!
Greg Ben (2 months ago)
Alcorr where would one start to program a bot? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
Jeremy Koberstein (2 months ago)
Hey Dan you seem a bit tired/frowny today. Hope you're able to relax and enjoy the rest of the day :)
Arian A (2 months ago)
common guys news has nothing to do with price of bitcoin
André Groenewald (2 months ago)
crypto TA Auctioneer
Tom A (2 months ago)
Daily Crypto News (2 months ago)
Hands down best TA i ever seen. Keep up the good work.. big fan!
Enza Denino (2 months ago)
Carefull with the ETH, most of the ICOs still hold eth. They might be dumping it
Ashley McDermid (2 months ago)
Hopefully they just wait for higher prices and cash out slowly. No point in dumping it all now unless they get desperate for cash
Jojo Baggins (2 months ago)
Wow good eye, gonna be interesting to see what happens
Imtooslow !! (2 months ago)
Thanks Dan...I always look forward to your updates 👍👍
Thiago Torres (2 months ago)
Over 9000!!!! Sorry i had to
Guillermo Carmouze (2 months ago)
A bit quiet imo. Thanks!
Daniel Bakker (2 months ago)
Thanks Dan great update. Happy trading.
Mark Foster (2 months ago)
What a dump .-.
Jim E (2 months ago)
All this dumping making me want to take a dump lol
Daniel4K (2 months ago)
With little crypto hopium left, i honestly see a $BTC 5k test coming within a month, with us hovering around that range untill the 30th Sep ETF decision. If denied(which i believe it will be), 3k BTC support to be tested. Love you Dan, good video as always!
FlashPacked Studios (2 months ago)
blood in the streets!
TC (2 months ago)
FlashPacked Studios Here is the typical TA ..it could go up..or it could go down...
Tomáš Telenský - vlog (2 months ago)
don't step in yet, or the blood will be yours too ;-)
Original Prankster (2 months ago)

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