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Money Market - General Awareness | SBI PO, Clerk | IBPS PO | IBPS Clerk | SSC CGL | IBPS RRB | RBI

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Text Comments (21)
G 12 (3 months ago)
Nice video sir, thanks for this video and continue with this type of videos. And please provide pdf of the videos because it will be helpful for us to revise.The June current affairs video of yours was also nice and the pdf was helpful to revise.
G 12 (3 months ago)
Not able to get any link to download the pdf !!!
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lavanya lavi (3 months ago)
Thnku so much sir
Aditya (4 months ago)
Sir i have a confusion regarding CDs it can be issued on interest rate or not or only at discount on face value.... Plz reply... Thanks
sowndharya sownd (4 months ago)
Sir do more and more videos in banking for bob po exam
Huthabhukh Rises (4 months ago)
Raja Sekhar (4 months ago)
Sir please give this information in the form of PDF .
Sheeshpalsingh Rastogi (4 months ago)
Sir is ki PDF bhi provide krayo.nice video. Thanks sir
Jeevitha Reddy (4 months ago)
Suubbpp explanation......... Continue this session sir
Christeena Sekar (4 months ago)
tq sir
Rohitkumar Nath (4 months ago)
Sir I have a small confusion.. ICICI bank will issue CDS or CPS?? As it's private financial institution I think it issues CPS but it is regulated by RBI as well .. So am confused.. pls rpy Thank you
suma S (4 months ago)
Good info.. Superb sir upload more videos on banking
Pravin Singh (4 months ago)
nice video.
Ashorkumar A (4 months ago)
Sir, since commercial papers are money market between corporate companies or financial institutions. Then who and how it is regulated?
Incredible Minds (4 months ago)
PLZZ help ... Rrb ke form mein declaration mein name kisi aur ka enter ho Gaya hai ...... Form reject ho jayega kya plzzz help ... Sign mere hi hain ...
jay patel (4 months ago)
Thanks sir
Geetha K (4 months ago)
Thank you sir
veerla anjaneyulu (4 months ago)
Hai sir provide daily at least one banking topic plz sir
Pooja Ganapathy (4 months ago)
Post video for banking abbreviations tricks
Pooja Ganapathy (4 months ago)
Good explanation sirrr

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