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Bitcoin Ethereum ETC Technical Analysis Chart 8/7/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (115)
TheSteepPers (1 month ago)
If you need to have an effective way to gain Bitcoin you simply have to lookup for " *pranaholistico bitcoin* " in Google or Yahoo. It was great an hour ago.
juan aude (2 months ago)
hi, i dont wanna disturb, but i really find this videos very interesting .. but i lost half of the video because the language .. if you dont mind can you put some subtitles, in spanish?
Yann Lsn (2 months ago)
wow ! big swell !
Odd's Wands (2 months ago)
check out OR and WA dude ^-^
loul42 (2 months ago)
Im holding ETH since 50$ I did a good job holding but I think I should sell now, at least my initial investment
loul42 (2 months ago)
I know i didn't had any plan it's my fault. it's by making error that cost you several hundred of K that you learn I guess..
Rafał (2 months ago)
what is the best way to trade stocks/forex?
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
fidelity or interactive brokers
Jaun-Pierre Reyneke (2 months ago)
Hi Dan, can we expect a BEARSBACK promo ? :)
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
: D perhaps on a 5,700 break
finn1951 (2 months ago)
ETFs will totally destroy the Crypto market .
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
I feel like my life would be in danger if I did not agree with him. Does he really think big money is not going to touch the most bullish asset in modern history where millionaires and billionaires exploded out of thin air? Also his reasoning... we have been talking about an ETF for a month, we have ICE news over a week ago. His dump is not solely due to this reason, the current price action is a big factor.
finn1951 (2 months ago)
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
How so?
James Winsoar (2 months ago)
So far the CBOE ETF decision hasn't been delayed.
DJUCH (2 months ago)
BTC Shorts having a field day this week 🚀🚀
JJ Dueck (2 months ago)
lost about $500 on bitcoin but im holding for another year or so.
drraggonman (2 months ago)
Hoo boy, hear the Boston in that one! Jurassic Pahk hea 😁 Thanx Dan!
Jerry Brice (2 months ago)
There's no way we will have a good night after that news 📰
archhangell (2 months ago)
Now I am gett to know why is it called "Bullshit".
Jesse Thehu Snooker (2 months ago)
moonboys james and joe going to rekt city lolll
Joe Ebanks (2 months ago)
dude you are one of the absolute best people i know, and ive never met you
Aider (2 months ago)
Bulls at 6.1 - 6.2
Jeremy Conley (2 months ago)
Bunch of panicky rabbits. This is pathetic.
Muzi Xaba (2 months ago)
Thank God for stop-losses.
Tracey B (2 months ago)
Near Air (2 months ago)
Oh well, lost some $$$ on bitcoin. I did not see this bear move coming. I got blind-sided.
Kyle V (2 months ago)
sooo..about that ETC. how many of you shipped a bucked of ETC over to coinbase thinking "man i'm gonna sell into the run when it goes live" only to now realize if we all have that thought who is buying? devil's advocate thought here.
jordy ver (2 months ago)
FOMO will buy in
Salman Alshawi (2 months ago)
traded 5 LTC for 20 ETC
Jerry Brice (2 months ago)
Maybe your right let me holding
Kyle V (2 months ago)
Jerry Brice if you got 500 for one Bitcoin that was a great entry. Only question now is how much profit you're going to make.. The order books are supposed to start filling sometime tomorrow from the sounds of things? They haven't given us an exact time yet.
Jerry Brice (2 months ago)
Kyle Van i got 500 for bitcoin
Antonio Scerra (2 months ago)
Dan, I let you down today. I did not set any stop sell orders and I had no internet access today either. It was too late when I finally got back online. Luckily I only had a small position in LTC. Anyway, I appreciate the work you do. Thank you for the great videos. They are very clear and to the point. No smoke and mirrors. You keep it simple and honest. Thanks man!!
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
I forgive you.
Luminary Wins (2 months ago)
When people realize that 98% of all Altcoins are worthless, Bitcoin Ethereum and LTC will Bull Run again.
Michael Manfro (2 months ago)
That ETF will be approved in Sept. let’s be real...
TOMMY.MS (2 months ago)
What do you think about the insider trading happening before the announcement? https://twitter.com/51percentcrew/status/1026959660677558272
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
It is legal to insider trade. There will always be insider trading. There is insider trading daily in the Federally illegal stock market.
Roy M (2 months ago)
so it dumped after getting delayed, what woulda happened if it got denied today, dump harder? esp ETH i dont get why that was dumping harder.
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Ben Androvich (2 months ago)
Thanks Chart Man Dan! Quick question when watching the camping clip at the end. Did you lose your accent or were you just adding some northeastern flare to the “It’s like Jurassic Park our hea”? Just curious
Mehrdad Saadat (2 months ago)
So you can turn it on and off?
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
That is my mom's accent. I dont have it fortunately.
Alexander Alexander (2 months ago)
Thank you a lot !!!
ryan w (2 months ago)
What was the next level of support for btc since it broke 6,800?
ryan w (2 months ago)
What was the next level of support since it broke 6,330?
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Coinflix (2 months ago)
4 dollars from liquidation.. LIVING ON THE EDGE BROTHERS
Manuel Rodriguez (2 months ago)
and its gone
Chitlins Laundry (2 months ago)
I feel ya brah
ryan w (2 months ago)
Very nice!
SinFa (2 months ago)
where do you get your news so quickly?
Lefty Jay (2 months ago)
yeah, i ve got the same question. whats the fastest way to get news about crypto? Like the news that the etf was delayed? I suppose the guys on the chat have there sources. I ve got push notifications from bitcion.news but they never send a message about the etf delay
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Chat room with hundreds of eyes.
parisotto86 (2 months ago)
Jojo Baggins (2 months ago)
This is great news actually. It eliminates the uncertainty in the short term anyway on the event everyone's been focusing on. And the fact that they did not outright reject it shows us that they are thinking about it. A rejection would have crushed the market totally imho
What We Want (2 months ago)
What happened to your accent?
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
It is fake
Tomáš Telenský - vlog (2 months ago)
I've been hiking & wild-camping in California Nicasio area, no camping sites :-) Nice outdoor video pal!
I am Warren (2 months ago)
Nice accent Dan. Jurassic PAAK
bob t (2 months ago)
we don't need an ETF. ugh.
bob t (2 months ago)
yes we will. but for now we need to be patient and let the big pockets manipulate the market. we are the little fish feeding off of the big whale.
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Nope, but if we get it we all make lots of money.
jerald c (2 months ago)
more piglet videos
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
You are late, piglet videos was last year.
Voyage & Hearth (2 months ago)
Cool giant rock at the end bro.
Thomas Godber (2 months ago)
Thank you, Dan!!! And well done on Tesla endeavours!
1cculus (2 months ago)
I thought it was already known that there was going to be a delay.
DanVoges (2 months ago)
no. here is the article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/us-sec-postpones-decision-regarding-bitcoin-exchange-traded-fund you're thinking of a different ETF probably
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Known to the logical, not the market.
1cculus (2 months ago)
DanVoges it was mentioned a couple weeks ago.
DanVoges (2 months ago)
roflsyndrome nope
Mista Mase (2 months ago)
BTC just DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMPED. 6.8 got destroyed. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. we going down
BpE (2 months ago)
shiny x (2 months ago)
I hope you will also take a strategic approach to giving, i.e. https://www.openphilanthropy.org/.
René Vogel Jr. (2 months ago)
Thank you :)
Sonix711 (2 months ago)
Cheers Dan !!! :) Tankage again sucks, but this vid made me smile most the way thanx !!! :) Glad you doin better than most of us... you deserve it mate !!! :)
tdottim (2 months ago)
Market is a little....sluggish.
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Two two Steele (2 months ago)
Dam glad i sold yesterday
Two two Steele (2 months ago)
Jerry Brice no just happy not to be losing money
Jerry Brice (2 months ago)
Two two Steele you must laughing 😂 now
Michael Manfro (2 months ago)
Dee Canuck (2 months ago)
Those slugs though..... eek
Cutie4Blockchain (2 months ago)
Thank you for the update :)
debbie Schwan (2 months ago)
Beach Beautiful. Slugs Nasty.
Ashley Rodrigues (2 months ago)
Is the weekly chart forming a cup and handle?
Rich 77 (2 months ago)
well said!
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Geographer (2 months ago)
Because of Dan I sold my Lambo and bought agricultural land.
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Johnny Martinez (2 months ago)
Going to 6 ...we knew that....see you next month...
Johnny Martinez you dont think it will break the recent low?
Andy Raman (2 months ago)
In under 30 secs
vKoryo (2 months ago)
I was so excited for a bull run 😭😭
Manuel Rodriguez (2 months ago)
just 12 more months
Gabe McCarthy (2 months ago)
Mark Foster preach
Mark Foster (2 months ago)
JerseyyPost patience^^
vKoryo (2 months ago)
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Recorded 4:30 PM Eastern Just flipped the $6,700 break. Had bids 6691, 81, 71. Sold them low $6,700s
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
I have made big time gains in 2018 playing 4 hour oversold bounces... granted they used to be much better Q1 ; )
baesex (2 months ago)
it's about scaling into extreme RSI levels and locking in profit quickly. it's effective but rare heavy selloffs can be dangerous, necessitating very conservative scaling in for this technique.
Tomáš Telenský - vlog (2 months ago)
Wow :-D You are catching falling knife, as Alessio Rastani said :-D Is this strategy profitable overall? Seems pretty dangerous there is lot of turbulence and it might straight continue falling...

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