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#currency special part 93: Kazakhstan Tenge

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The video was recorded already some time ago, that's why I say 'Central Asia' at the beginning ;)
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gajanan ratawa (3 months ago)
Are you on instagram?
notaphilist philipp (3 months ago)
No I'm not😅
gajanan ratawa (3 months ago)
Very good my friend from india
Mocanu Alexandru (3 months ago)
Kazahstan current banknotes are very hard to get 😢
notaphilist philipp (3 months ago)
Yes, I thought so, but maybe if you have luck you will find an exchange office who sells them ;)
Eda Akınay (3 months ago)
You miss the best note from Kazakhstan(20000 tenge made from special material with polycarbonate window)!You should get it,it’s not worth that much,about 50 or 40 euros I guess.Kazakhstan’s latest series of banknotes are one of the best designed currencies in post-soviet countries and even in the world!Nice video.And too,there’s no black market for currencies in Kazakhstan!That exist from post Soviet countries only in Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan!
Eda Akınay (3 months ago)
And too you can read en.hronikatm.com which means “Chronycles of Turkmenistan”,they’re human right defenders and write in Turkmen,Russian and English about current situation in Turkmenistan(Black market rate,gas,food shortages,food prices,private sector,fines and bribes-you need to bribe everywhere,and demographics)They write about really interesting things and I could read all their articles from this and previous years.
Eda Akınay (3 months ago)
notaphilist philipp (3 months ago)
+Eda Akınay That sounds interested thanks! At the moment I'm reading The Daily Star, an english Lebanese online newspaper to stay updated about Lebanon and the region. An interesting fact about the Lebanese economy is the banking system with their central bank," Banque du Liban ". Their governor is in office for twenty years+ and the Lebanese Pound still remains stable at 1507 LBP per USD. And also, there was not such a big recession in 2008 crisis because of the central bank politics which has its reason in very strict reserve obligations towards the banks. Also the LBP is backed by a large percentage by gold etc.
Eda Akınay (3 months ago)
Yes the situation is horrible in Turkmenistan,but Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are in much worse situation than Turkmenistan...,The price on BsS are falling constantly on eBay,but still they’re about 2000% more expensive than their real value if you can get good deal,and too,Atatürk airport is from 1.1.2019 closed for all international and domestic flights after 107 years of function,I still will have chance to land there on December 27th as last time and back I am flying from the new build airport which is currently 1st biggest airport in the world and it did cost more than ₺200 billion,that’s the airport which replaces old Atatürk airport,and too,I don’t know if you’re watching rates of the Lira but it’s 5,85 again,in summer it was 8,but Turkey finally Announced NEP economic program which would save billions and would bring much more prosperity,the main economic target of the program is to set lira 4 per euro by the end of 2020 and 3 lira by 2021.But that’s still not the highest target they have,Erdogan and NEP promised that Turkey will be 10th largest economy in the world by 2023(100th year of Creation or republic)The current Turkish status is 1 trillion dollar GDP and 18th biggest economy in the world,that means Turkey would need to have GDP of about 1.8-2.3 trillion dollars by 2023,which is insane,but I guess they can do it,American aggression damaged the lira a lot,another country US wanted to destabilize,but again without success,Turkey is one of highest prepared countries for the great Crisis which should hit the whole world by 2025 and be much worse than 2008 crisis, Turkey had 2nd lowest gdp fall in that crisis destroying only 2% of turkeys gdp,the average was 20%.I recommend if you want to sometime get the latest information about Turkey and other Turkic countries then I recommend you to read dailysabah.com,it’s Turkish newspaper in English writing about Turkey and economic situation of Turkey,you can get interesting info there.
notaphilist philipp (3 months ago)
+Eda Akınay Ah, I haven't bought the BsS notes, I think they're still too expensive, I'll wait much longer... By now the whole set is worth 1,50€
And ın 200 tənge i mean this is Azerbaijanian flag blue red and green
+notaphilist philipp Cause we are turks. Like Germany and Austria😂. Büt we have a lot of brothers😂. Turkey Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan 😂😂😂
notaphilist philipp (3 months ago)
Yes you're right😂
And i have 200 and 500 tenge
Love from AZERBAIJAN. We love you... 🇦🇿🇦🇿😉
+notaphilist philipp Thank you so much🇦🇿🇩🇪
notaphilist philipp (3 months ago)
Thank you so much!😊 All the Azeri people I met until now were super friendly and welcoming and generous!😉

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