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Bitcoin Chart Analysis Jan 2 - New Year Pump or Dump?

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Text Comments (10)
Arman Cakir (6 months ago)
1 of 2 people that really says the truth in this market. What ever he said atleast take in 50% & you’ll thank him later. Thanks for your input in this crazy market 🙏🏻
Ace G (6 months ago)
So sometime in the future BTC will go down...got it
owen j (6 months ago)
i feel like u crypto kirby and crypto amd are like the 3 most realistic and on the money youtubers there are
bob ami (6 months ago)
happy new year .
Crypto Trading Library (6 months ago)
Happy new year man, thanks for the great TA, I really like your take on this. I really think a major move is very close. On the TTM indicator it is showing a price squeeze on a number of time frames, so I feel a major break is imminent.
Salty (6 months ago)
Great video . Thanks James!
jas gsxr (6 months ago)
Thanks JD, I always look forward to your input on the market.
JD Marshall (6 months ago)
Happy New Year Everyone!! It would be nice to be more bullish on BTC, but I am skeptical about the price movement/volume over the past week. Even though I am long, I keep my profit stop close for this wild train, expecting a crash.
The Hatezone (6 months ago)
You think we might break 6k if it pumps?.. i ve heard off a channel 6 to 7k.. and he was dead right in march 18 for btc 3200.. .. as you can imagine he has about 20 subs lol..
markyhabs (6 months ago)
Best guy in crypto ! Happy new year James

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