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7 Difference Between Capital Market and Money Market

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1. Money market is a segment of the financial market where lending and borrowing of short term securities are done. Capital market is a section of financial market where long term securities are issued and traded. 2. Risk Factor Money Market: Low Capital Market: Comparatively High 3. Financial instruments: Money Market: Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Certificate of Deposit, Trade Credit etc. Capital Market: Shares, Debentures, Bonds, Retained Earnings, Asset Securitization, Euro Issues etc. 4. Return on Investment Money Market: Less Capital Market: Comparatively High 5. Liquidity Money Market: High Capital Market: Low 6. Institutions: Money Market: Central bank, Commercial bank, non-financial institutions, bill brokers, acceptance houses, and so on. Capital Market: Commercial banks, Stock exchange, non-banking institutions like insurance companies etc. 7. Time Horizon Money Market: Within a year Capital Market: More than a year
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anuj patidar (9 months ago)
the capital market and the money market are same plz reply me bhut important question he meko iska ans nhi mila true ya false me ans btaega plz
Gowthaman durai (1 year ago)
add some voice or light music.

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